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full moon~
its equator
the power line

one last touch
completes her smile~
on canvas

mincing across the road
a head-plumed chorus line~
quail songs

fragrant blossom flurries
in spring breezes~
fruit juices

early spring’s
first rose buds~
in north wind

tenor sings high ‘c’ ~
shattered glass
crumbled foam cups

Last few words: 
the 5-7-5 rule is not necessarily correct and has been abandoned by serious haiku writers, like Jane Reichhold. More important is a clear separation of phrase and fragment (the latter being the shorter portion--the fragment, and the two-line remainder--the phrase. I like to use the "tilde" (~) to show the reader the separation of fragment from phrase. The same applies to the senryu.
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Not Explicit Content


I didn't know. How about that? No matter that you have written in a manner of the "new" way, I enjoyed them much. Especially
the one about the quail. ~ Geez.

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technically, the one about the high "C" is a senryu because it deals with humor and a human. But, do I care? Glad you liked them, particularly the one with the quails. I have written a hundred haikus and senryus. Thanks so very much. Jerry

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My favourite is the last, reminds me of the time I saw Pavarotti! Imagery so wonderful.
They are all very beautiful. I would like to challenge you on the 5/7/5 because if I didn't I would have to dismiss my own work. But I am of course.sure you know more than me about who's doing what and what is in rather than out. I surely love haiku and senryu. Thank you for the information. I shall keep plodding on however with syllables 5/7/5 the way I studied it.

Thank you...Teddy

not to worry; the 5-7-5 rule is still firmly in place, although challenged by writers like Reichhold and others. If you are comfortable with the old rule, please carry on, but be aware that there is the less-wordy method that I subscribe to. There is that old adage: more than one path will lead to Rome. Thank you for reading, dear Signora, and yes, Pavarotti was one of the greatest tenors. Take care, Jerry

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The lungs
Voice heaven sent
2 4 4
Just trying one out on you! Just a bit of fun. Have a great day Sir.

Thank you...Teddy

your senryu works very well for me! Delighted; thank you, dear lady,
Cheery Jerry, lol.

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