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and ruin

rise the strain of stars
the stain of wraiths
like ghost nymphs
and number chancers

the sea shall swallow
all her tears
and atrocities

the sun will
the ruin
in dust
and dunes make
the speaking
by haunted
quiet pools
the Ju Ju

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I hate that anything you write goes without comment. Just dropping you this note to let you know I may not always comment (mostly because there is very little I can offer in the way of enriching your work) but I do read everyone I see on this stream. I may miss one here or there and for that I am a lesser poet.

Look forward to the next one



that you were making comment on the state of our affairs. [Humankind's affairs, that is].
The thought that you were "doom-saying" us crossed my mind. I guess man is not the "know all, be all, that he thinks he is! No matter that people will look back and say that the prophets were right, we won't ever stop giving ourselves all the pleasure we can and closing our eyes to the inevitable consequences. Hind-sight is always twenty-twenty. Great stuff, as usual! ~ Gee

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This poem has a beautiful mystical feel - with a message. It feels like it's written after mankinds destruction, as foretold in prophecy - maybe Christian - that's a guess! ( I believe the Ju ju song is an African Christian song. )

I'm probably misinterpreting - but you seem to be saying that the earth, sea and sun will still keep going even if mankind dies out - but the shadow of man will still haunt the earth - not unlike the dinosaurs exstinction!

Either way - I love the feel and the mysticisim.

Sorry if I've misinterpreted!

Love Mand xxxxx

I like the mystery and how we interpret..ourselves
and others....the past and how we can bridge
the worlds sometimes...sometimes people
can channel or feel or delve

shadow of man...I like that Mand.
nothing is misinterpreted
this is poetry and writing here
abstractions given forward ...

Thank You!

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