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If I have one shot at it, I want to give you my all.
It’s got to be more than filling in preferences,
That I’m worth the time I spent on earth,
Not filling a dating site to match the tall to the tall-
That I’m short, Wagnerian, and Khrishnamurti-ish.

How can I put it all in one song, one short ballad?
To sing of the wilderness, of cities and their tears,
The indescribable finality looking at the galaxies-
Praise she who shared my bed, dancing the years
As I played the dizzy bird of paradise...

Before I wear on your patience, I ask only this;
Do not judge me from these urgent words!
If this is all you ever get of me, in some anthology,
I need to feel you emphasize I lived in bliss;
I kissed the soil, ate the figs, flew like a bird.

Last few words: 
There are so many poetry anthologies I look through and find some poem I like from some poet I've never heard of and probably will not find another poem of. Some are somewhat "famous" poets, but in the great anthology you just get a few pages. Reference to Krishnamuriti, my teacher, a stranger here himself. Rhyme scheme has a middle line (3rd) with internal rhyming.
Editing stage: 


a good read in two ways. Firstly, by opening a window into your being and second, by letting us know the [I hesitate to use the word meaning, but it seems to be the only word that accurately describes what I am trying to say.] I do like the third line internal rhyme scheme and have only moderate success in utilizing it. Nice job! ~ Geezer.

Honest critique and comments shouldn't hurt.
It's why we are here, to get better at our craft.

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