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It’s that soft salacious voice I hate.
I’m sorry I keep on cursing at you,
Expecting you to get red in the face;
The names I call you would get me arrested
By the fashion police.
Can’t they program you to swear?

Over and over, “keep left...keep left,”
Damn it, there’s a fucking dying deer in that lane, ok?
It’s convulsing on the ground, broken, bleeding,
It’s antlers lifting its head to the sun,
Knowing a different sleep is coming to it...

You who know all from beyond the clouds
With a thousand satellites wired
Like a spider web around the earth,
You record every movement on every road,
Every stop sign, every car stalled or out of gas,

Yet you are blind to this disfigured buck
Who ventured from the profusion of foliage,
This lump of quivering red stained fur
Blocking the left lane,
And deaf to my outrage to your saccharine
And numb voice.

Last few words: 
based on a recent road kill scene
Editing stage: 


and i've nothing to offer for improvement. it's loose, but tight.

Like the GPS looks edified to an extent, godlike...


A full bodied rant at a disembodied voice
We shall all soon be driven mad by maddening A.I.
all the while, our natural intelligence senses the danger and will/can do nothing about it.

again, as always, very well written



... for those who've a mind.


I think that the head should be lifting it's antlers to the sun. A rant, yet one we all can feel.
I wonder how many people realize that the mouths we see moving in the car next to us are swearing at whatever is bothering them at the moment? ~ Gee.

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I will consider your suggestion about the this case the animal must have been hit by a truck,it was so mangled, the head appeared to be hanging on them...but a difficult image to convey.

I can't say how many people are swearing at their devises. My wife thinks I should be committed.

Interesting the subject of how to behave with "androids" that have pre-occupied sci-fi for so long.
From Star Trek to Her, or Blade Runner..and now we have Steven Hawkins on a serious crusade to warn the human race the future is here. "ai" will consume us, and like "the terminator," will eliminate us. O well...All I know is every time I ask Siri something I am not polite. Sooner or later she may get even.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

author comment

geez i'm good i soliloquised blowing a heavy cloud
of blue smoke kicking at clumps of shepherd's
parsley sparsely stationed at random intervals along
the grass verge of the A431 which i happened upon
walking feeling absolutely and top-notch and as one
with the world listening to the sweet twitterings

of fieldfare and the haphazard buzz of divergent insects
whilst breathing sweet intoxications of mary jane neath
a glorious ball of fire blazing radiant shafts of golden
syrup who could blame me going as far as to believe
when a metal spike exerted its agony upon the larynx
via my starboard foot alarming the immediate wildlife

and an untimely juggernaut screeched to a nearly halt
as my leaded heart pounded at the inevitable thud
of a bundle of brown fur spraying red sliding to a
crumpled end on the grey tarmac and everything
stopped but the juggernaut as i gazed the last minutes
of the broken beast's eye to a wasp honing in on its

bloodied nose to sting bastard god works in mysterious
ways but shit happens and a familiar pernicious smell
gripped the olfactory nerves and attention diverted
to the holed sole of my boot to acknowledge crap
thus i hopped absurd given my location to the verge
to rid my infrequent suede footwear of the obnoxious

and lit another joint while lights steamed on the tarmac
that i expect someone will clear so blowing heavy clouds
of sweet blue smoke swinging a foot at a glut of
hogweed about the grass feeling absolutely and as
one with the world listening to the rasps of a fading
insect symphony and orange star i wend my way

Happened to me once in Tazmania, a wallaby just jumped out of know where in the woods directly on my hood. Not sure if a joint would have made me mellow out or get more depressed about it... This is the poem that came out of it


Your bodies lie bordering the highways,
On country roads and avenues,
Bundled in bloody furs with distorted poses;
We notice you among the tacky billboards
Cluttering our view with feasting vultures,
On the tar rotting in maroon guts,
You can smell the roadkill for miles.

For God’s sake get out of our way,
Burrow and scamper about
on your side of the aisle,
Where’s there’s no trace of geometry,
Nothing straight , nothing uncluttered.

There will be a light, blinding and round,
As your end comes at the speed of sound.
And you will die a stupid death
(Like those reserved for our true saints
Who are also shunned at heaven’s gates).

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

author comment

This was a good read.

"Poetry is music for the human voice. Until you actually speak it or someone speaks it, it has not come into it's own."
- Maya Angelou

Haha! I can relate to that! I would not be here if I strictly followed Google maps commands. Makes me doubt autonomous cars.

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