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"GOOD?" OUT OF BAD ( for August contest)

What if back in that cold January
the old bald guy had not watched T.V.
but instead had headed to the woods
just to see what he could see.

He'd not have seen the swearing in
of a president who let him down
had he decided he would drive a spell
far from any burg or town.

Could have had another sylvan walk
through some forest that he loves so well
taking in all the details
and forgetting worries for a spell.

Or maybe he could have gone fishing
with a friend or maybe son
on a clear, cold, and calm day
when white bass had begun to run.

But instead he stayed at home
to watch one more inauguration
sitting in recliner rubbing his sore knee
listening to new leader of our nation.

He might have never heard that "THING"
the lauded one called poetry
but which fell like razors on his ears
and wondered what had come to be.

that string of disconnected words?
Had poetry devolved so far?
To a level which stank bad as turds?
He knew poetry.... it wasn't That .

He listened then he fumed and thought
how not that very long ago
he'd studied poetry, written one poem.
Poetry which had rhyme and flow.

He thought he could not let this be
Even I can do better than her
so after forty years he wrote some poetry
beneath the pen name "scribbler".

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I know. I know. Better I'd Never heard that so called poem lol.
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I see the negativity against all the positives. What ifs are so interesting! I heard that poem too and it scratched my eardrums and tore at my heart. What the hell did he say? To think that this is what has become of our great nation! How many people understood what that man said and how many turned off the channel and went to the "Price Is Right" or some weary reality show telling the world about the personal problems of a thirty year old guy that lives with his parents and wants his girlfriend to move in with him, because she is pregnant? Just because someone dares to be different and do something no one else has done before; it doesn't make it good! I'm kind of reminded of the story about the "Emperor and His New Clothes". Everyone was afraid to say something about his nakedness and admit that they didn't see the clothes, because they were bamboozeled into thinking that they weren't "Hip" or "Cool" if they didn't see what the others said they saw. Kind of like not admitting that we made a BIG mistake to have elected Trump! ~ Gee.

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if u'd permit
NO I guess
better not
but only ONE BIG mistake
we all commit
and then admit
when 100 more don't equally fit
we our grandness then admit
one big =100 small we are the ones
who select after all
(any way what's the content
of AUGUST contest)
*why now fall!

and we selected badly. Everybody was determined to get the first black prez elected...........

author comment

will be a long time recovering from the community organizer. And Trump is no deal either but he's better than the other choice we had

author comment

Yeah the tendency to join the crowd in a stampede Is compelling lol.

author comment

I love your rhymes!
This one tickled me
Especially :-
He thought he could not let this be
Even I can do better than her
so after forty years he wrote some poetry
beneath the pen name "scribbler".
Very good!

thank you. It's always good to know rhyming poetry is still appreciated lol.....stan

author comment
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