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"- Gods greasy spoon -"

I wonder if there’s canteens
in Heaven-
with cottage cheese thats
quite appealing
hob nob biscuits
n darjeeling.

Wonder if there's canteens-
in heaven.

Maybe beans on toast
or a sunday roast
is served by God
the holy ghost,
n his only son is the one- -
who pours the gravy.

wonder if there’s canteens - in Heaven.

Editing stage: 


I'm in awe of the manner in which you present this piece.
In heaven the book of revelations describes that the Lord will feed us.
Today we must labor for the legal tender to provide the necessary things.
Very good poem touched my heart.
Mario W. Vitale.

Mario Vitale

burnt toast ..forget the host.
Hell yah!

wow man...far out poem..i Dig it!
a most bee bopping work here...
Canteens in heaven!
at the door...issued your kit
cut your hair...heres your robe
chow time..mess hall...

lima beans and tofu

Just waking up..still in dreamland
Your works great!
very hip and very poetic!

thank U!

prolli one of those plastic ones
and get this..I had a world war one
metal canteen..ceramic coating
felt exterior..leather straps..cork!
and I used it when I worked the
Block gangs...mixing cement
pouring cement..scaffold erecting
loading the planks...mortar..
hot in the summer...
that canteen was a dogsend

I love it..will be thinking about
this humor for ahile...

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Just read this, made me smile.
Great flow and ease of rhythm.
Personally am hoping for Prosecco and canapés, but not sure I've been good enough.
May have to settle for hob nobs and Darjeeling.

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

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