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I wonder if you exist
I’ve looked for you all my life
Even though there’s this voice in my head that insist
The signs seem to point to no afterlife.

There is so many interpretations of who you are.
Sometimes I ask myself, how can the bible be right?
How can someone that follows Jesus Christ, and is a hypocrite go to heaven,
And an honest working man be in hell because he was born in India?

These are the believes I was indoctrinated to follow.
There is something absurd about this,
Almost as if my belief was hollow.
Therefore, I here choose to dismiss
This religion, Christianity, because I do not agree.

I’m not blaming only Christianity.
This is the problem with every religion;
Religion was a beautiful idea in the beginning,
It was something to bring us together.
But as soon as humanity got a sense of power,
We destroyed something beautiful.

Now, religion has risen to become the number one cause of conflict in the world,
We are fighting because we all believe that we all right about who is God,
What is God?
Is there even a god?

We forget that by being caught up in someone that might not even be
We worry about the afterlife because no one wants to go to Hell.
We are killing each other because we plea
To know who or what God is.

The truth is that no one knows,
And we may never get to know.
I say why worry about this:
When we only have this life to live.

Love one another,
Respect each other.
Let’s start living in harmony
Because we’re all sharing this earth.
And that alone should be enough to share a brotherhood.

Last few words: 
some thoughts f what I think god really is, but at the end thats all we can do, just think. peace love and positivity y'all.
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hmn but to my own point of view i strongly believe that there is ALMIGHTY GOD who abodes in heavens. coming to religion i know that it has done more harms than good, because of many hypocrites hiding behind religion. but what i will suggest is that you be a good person and follow your heart

always remember to make a critique of other poems
using the hoe is not madness for nothing

Unconditional acceptance is the poets chief aim and ploy. Some seek power other want to feel superior over others when they write. But off the cuff here for a moment, let me compose myself. You see, positive reinforcement strengthen the heart. It is good that the heart be uplifted in such a manner. Being polite to others goes a long way. When your take in consideration common courtesy toward your fans. Do a lot of digging a lot of research to. A good way is get a journal to put down your thoughts. Then you can proceed to take baby steps as you learn to write. Nothing in this world comes easy you got to work for it.

Mario Vitale

As Nabakov said "life is so full of unexpected events, why should death be any different?"
Consider reading some philosophy on the subject, by Spinoza, Descartes, Voltaire, Satre, and perhaps Khrishnamurti ("on God")

Your poem is good in that it shows you are questioning and is personal. There has been so much written on the subject in the end this is probably so-

The truth is that no one knows,
And we may never get to know.
I say why worry about this:
When we only have this life to live.

The problem with your poem to me is that this is more prose and conversational than poetry. Poetry tries to find this truth though metaphor, symbol, imagination. You have only offered somewhat common facts and deductions about the subject in a journalistic way. It is easy to say
"let's start living in harmony"..we all say it...becomes a bit cliche in a world of the very complicated
human condition.

Lastly I would consider the famous thoughts of Mark Twain, who dreaded going to heaven to be part of the eternal chorus of human souls singing...most people sing off key.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

You have said before "Unconditional acceptance is the poets chief aim and ploy."
and you could not be more wrong. Meet me at the park on the corner of West 55th and Main at midnight, knives, clubs and chains ok, but no guns and we will will fight it out.

"A poet's work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep." Salman Rushdie

This is clearly another reason you occupy so much of the 'Undiscovered works' list. You want want to be be loved, not tell the truth,
"Truth is beauty, beauty truth" Keats.

If you would stop being such a brown tongue and tell the truth and experiment and learn more poetic technique you could be a fine poet.


Neopoet Directors

It has few poetic qualities and in that respect is not good poetry. But it asks important questions and that makes it very good poetry.

As an outspoken and intolerant atheist I won't engage or try to give you answers, you are well on the way to finding them for yourself. You are asking the same questions that led me to atheism. It is not easy, my brother. Religious people will attack you and try to 'save' you.

It takes takes courage to not abandon ones intellect and understanding for the comfort of faith.
I applaud your courage.

"Love one another,
Respect each other.
Let’s start living in harmony
Because we’re all sharing this earth.
And that alone should be enough to share a brotherhood."

Neopoet Directors

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