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Global Jukebox 1985

I guess it all comes back
To Freddie Mercury and Queen
In Nineteen-Eighty-Five

I was a proud member
Of the London community
I was only nine years old

It was Saturday the thirteenth of July
And Live aid was finally here

I remember riding my roller-skates
Around the gardens of the Common

I couldn't have been more excited
I rolled home from an early morning skate
With what felt like, rockets on my feet

I watched with pride on the old crt-tv set

The concert of a lifetime
I watched and listened to each artist
Each performer
Each string of the electric guitar
A global jukebox
Come to life

The whole world was holding hands

I was part of History that day
And even though
I no longer live in my beloved London
And no longer listen
To these magnificent artists performing

I still sit sometimes
And reminisce

About those days, when I was young
And had nothing to do but listen

To the greatest living legends of my time.

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and on that note, of "we are the Champions" Happy New Year.
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little nit-picks. You don't need an apostrophe in years, and I think I would change the beginning of the line "Of those days...
to [about] those days. Yes, I remember that day too! A great day for the world. We need to have more of those days. For me, it was three days of "Woodstock" 1969. Maybe we should have a Global Concert every year, it might help to remind us of our common love of music and the fact that we are ALL human beings, living here together on a most wonderful, beautiful planet.
~ Geez.

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edited, thank you.

so i wasnt here for Woodstock, although i think i should have been because i have always been a fan of the music, yes the world should come together at least once a year to bring us all together for something truly memorable, i was thinking when i was writing this that i know not everyone who reads it will even know what i'm taliking about. i did love that day and i am chuffed you are here, to share the memory

Happy New Year Dear Geezer and i thank you for every time you have been so genrous with your reviews and compassion for my poetry, in bringing it to its best x

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

I wish I had been able to be at or listen to those marvelous concerts. Queen has always been my childhood, and Freddie Mercury was iconic. <3

Amazing poem. :)

"The true alchemists do not turn lead into gold; they turn the world into words." -William H. Gass

So glad you liked this, even though you were not around to see it for yourself, you can always see it on YouTube anytime. It really was a magnificent day for the world.
Happy New year. X

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Your poem is about musicians, got it. I couldn't quite piece together what it was about 'til I read the last line.

Emily A.

Even more than being about musicians it was remembering a moment that was most fabulous in my life, I didn't have any good memories of 2020 so I dug this one out of my favourite memories but yes it's about a magical day with all the fantastic musicians that brought the world together in the most delightful positive way. So thanks to you too for being a song writer, I adore music. And there's nothing better than the old school stuff for me. X

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Aw, I'm sure that if you tried, you could think of at least one or two things about 2020 that WERE good, but I hear ya. Even when I have a not-so-great year, I always can. Instead of thanking me for being a songwriter, thank our Heavenly Angels. They're really responsible for that. But, you're welcome.

Emily A.

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