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Ghost Ship in the Clouds

A clear moonless,
I saw a ship,
In the clouds,
In ghostly light.

The sails,
They were unfurled,
Gently moving,
In the,
Cloudy world.

The clouds,
Seemed to shiver,
As it passed through,
Like waves,
In the sea.

A man,
Stood stoutly at the helm,
His long dark hair,
Shone with an eerie glow,
Fire in his eyes,
As it flowed.

With a stern look,
That would make,
A rupturing volcano,
Looking ahead,
In this darken world.

Eerie screams,
Could be heard,
As the wind,
Through the sails,
In this world.

The man,
Raised his sword,
A battle cry,
Cannon fire,
Could be heard.

With long blasts,
The balls,
Did ring,
Like a thunderclap,
Or Thor’s hammer,
In the spring.

With one great blast,
The balls did hit,
Causing lightning,
Whatever it hit,
To split.

Then as it,
Sailed away,
The rain,
Suddenly came,
We may see,
The battle another day.

Style / type: 
Free verse
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Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
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Not Explicit Content


but you have a ship sailing in clouds on a clear, moonless night; yet, there is a glow of ghostly light. ~ Geezer.

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