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I cannot stop the sun from setting
and the day from ending,
I cannot stop the world from turning
and Time from flying by.
We are creatures subject to greater forces,
faulted individuals, imperfect and insignificant
in the Grand Scheme of Creation...
And we all suffer from the same malady
that brings us through the same journey
and the same end.
We are born to die and pay a harsh price
in pain and suffering for the Life
we are given.
That is the Grand Mystery
cruel and unforgiving,

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Poetry came came from people who write
what one feels..
I know many who can write amazingly
and they dont...they have heavy lives
full of or their own
importance..others are the most
amazing people afraid to go outside
writing in journals that no one sees

joy pain loss indifference..numb

if I kicked off tomorrow I would be
bummed....becuase I didnt live like
I wanted....caught up in others lives
promoting them..My Great Love is
all fiction of course here...I was
there in the middle of some if not
a lot....I just did eventually settle
with knowing that this is the plan
for me.....;Fifty I am considering it
though..The End...Suffering...
I put so much on hold and sat it
out like a protest focusing on what
I thought would be a reward..
and nothing....a dissipation
love letters in the rain..
flowers in winter and miss a bunch
intentions that wilted and melted..
thats my life..

But I come here and I relate to
this.....I relate to this feeling..
my life is like a crash site..
most here is not mine but
my womans.....
probably get the boot soon
a room hopefully
kind of bleak
easier to give it up
so what makes me hold
on.....I dont know
I feel like ol Job
that dude in the stories
so now I write stories
trying to write my happy
ending in the tragic figures
in the poetry
the happiness that
exists between the lines
the simplicity that cant
even be described

a feeling..
suffering...Ive felt
feel it...
Your not alone!

Thanks Geremia

I am alone unable to walk. My family is distant and cold--but they have their own life. You need to take ever moment of joy and male it last. You are a seer, as am I, and seers suffer for the gift given to see and understand what others miss. Despite so many outside factors, you don't see the strength you have to live beyond them:.


author comment

Yul Bryner hath rightly said
''man is born... lives and dies alone...''

i add on
then why moan???

we all are alone
born and die
in many a similar way
some live long to see others go
some die ere even others know

today as everyday
i read obituaries
some one of 1917 born is still not dying
another of 68 went passed by
even your gods don't know why

I know
coz the sun did seed
a flower in ye
each one so differently
so why be saddened
you accepted loneliness

none will miss thee nor me
but some will and many may
shed a tear if tis your way
one day
some day
when you too did shed
to share

time is not far away
at this age
passed sixty or so
some one or another does go
so we will also...
why worry
you will return to the soils of glory!

Truths are hard to accept if their validity or reality is disturbing, yes?

author comment

you need more positive thoughts
to generate more vigor
thats all

LACK of dopamine in the brain makes happy thoughts difficult. I write what I feel in my heart which is the only truth I know,

author comment
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