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Game Up

You played a game;
You thought me dumb;
You dumped your blame;
You checked my pulse;

I'm down for count, but not out;
I'm ready, for another round;

You examined, my quieting thoughts,
You looked for signs of life;
You found, me hot and bothered;
In your face, a ball of fire;

Lurking in my soul, there's a beast;
Protecting my heart, healing peace;

Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
Mild on the outside hot on the inside
Editing stage: 


beautiful expression.

A few tiny quibbles-
if one is down for the count in boxing one is out.
Perhaps something like
I'm knocked down but not knocked out
a bit of over punctuation
You examined[,] my quieting thoughts,
lovely line
You found[,] me hot and bothered; [the phrase ' hot and bothered' usually has sexual connotations, is that what you mean?]
Lurking in my soul[,] there's a beast;

Great use of contrasting, paradoxical even, imagery to effect.

Good one. Your poetic voice just grows and grows.

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to critique after Jess. I do agree with everything he has said and can not find anything else to say, other than I like it! ~ Gee.

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But a wolverine
after our rows
why Wolvering I asked
'because they take all on'
we sharpen our edges
and fang and claw

mists and lava

Your works I admire

Thank You Barbara!

Mr W

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