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Frosted Southern Belles

Her newly shorn
platinum tresses
revealing a neck forlorn
of kisses un-broached
funny how exposed
and virginal
it suddenly appears
to her beloved

The sweet nectar
beading like
latent weepings
on meringue
in contrast
remind him of Southern Belles
frosted from demure talcum

Half-formed dredged memory
fires his tongue
onto his dessert...

Seventeen,with his date in a borrowed car
his taste buds
forever templated to that
unique ingredient

"...girls are made from sugar & spice
and all things nice"...

Editing stage: 


Thank you...I tried to make this gentle and observant. My mum used to make Lemon Meringue Pie...sometimes the sugar would come to the surface and 'bead' little sticky droplets...mmm...compared the sweet/sweat to it.

As to not being sure of yourself...welcome to my world!

Seems to me, you're more than perceptive enough to realise that who/what we are is a life-long shifting continuum. I am whatever I think I might be, to whomever I want to be with...but with some non-negotiable core values!

I must get up to speed with your more recent work...been selfish and preoccupied myself recently!

Ells x

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