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Laugh once
Laugh twice
You cannot laugh in vain

The giddy heights of hilarity
May not save you
From the flame

But they are a cheap way
To pass the wine
As you dance in the grain

A dancing monkey
Is only terrible
On the end of a chain

Grind your organ on the footpath
If you want to
It's going to leave a stain

The grey despair of your ugly life
Is a wound up pain
But you can zap your brain

Burn your hurt under a magnifying glass
Ant murdering psychopath
Grin so insane

Laugh hearty at guilt's game
Rip wide open your heart
Drink it's blood in the rain

Dissolve your shame in a barrel of acid
Roll it overboard
Nothing will ever look the same

Forget about your need to blame
Become sniggering master
Over capacity for pain

Grapple grievance to a disconnected anchor
Weigh it before you resent it
Then set sail for the main

Some grip so hard clinging to anger
They get cancer
Don't do the same

Ride the gravy train
Of this snide and true superiority
Over all that is lame

Editing stage: 


somehow I expect something more overtly political or challengingly epistemological from you these days. Glad you defy expectations and I think it is better for being so.
Here's the reading. If you would like me to post it anywhere say where.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

I've notice myself putting in or leaving out small words in readings with significant changes.
Did you notice the immunity to cancer? It was entirely unconscious and I decided to leave it there. So sue me.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

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