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Freddie Mercurys' "FALSE MOUSTACHE..."

a good cause to grow blame it on his big ego
inflate a claim so small as you knew all the great while
Queens' "Another One Bites The Dust",

it's in the air that we breath..,
Freddie Mercury bleeds
one hand on the pedal the next on the floor

a chance to explore
a brief heart aura disguised behind a poll
pop tarts and angel darts

Mercury in heat..,
pilllows squeak
miles from those unknown

Colton picks up the phone
give air to lift up a tart
some don't give a parting flying fart

emmense gold heart to unfold
He dazzled us on the stage
beg or differ to act his age..,

time lingers along
a salute to each magnificent fan
a page retard the few

bit off more then he could chew

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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