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Foxhunting Fun

Oh a hunting they will go
Those men in pink DAY-GLO,
Sitting on their horses
Ready for the courses,
Doggies yapping loudly,
Aristocrats so cowardly,
Hounds all around a-milling,
Looking forward to some killing
Of harmless foxy creatures
With pretty vulpine features.

Yet they'll get their come-uppance,
And I wouldn't give them twopence
For their nasty vicious lives,
With their ugly horsey wives.
Oh how, oh how I'll cherish
The day they finally perish,
When England gives its upper classes
A royal kick up their arses.

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Structured: Western
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LoL that's funny!

Tuppence? Instead of twopence for the accent? Just a thought.

I could see a few politicians in this poem! lol

Great title.

Thank you...Teddy pronounced "tuppence"!

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that fox hunting was a thing of the past! However, after looking it up on Google, I realize it has been banned, but illegal hunts go on all the time. I don't see the [sport] in hunting an animal that you are not going to eat; or killing an animal just to take a trophy. It is wrong on many levels. I guess that they will have to get much harder on those that are caught. I'm with you on this one, Edna. Nice work and glad you had a go at those dastardly upper-classes. Who needs royalty any way? As far as I'm concerned, you should have ousted them when they lost the American colonies. ~ Geezer.

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Hi Edna, I think fox hunting is horrendous, or any sort of blood sport, for that matter. I'm glad you brought up this topic and approached it so deftly in your poem. Lots of cruel sports continue despite the ban. Greyhound races is one example. The poor animals are killed off when they no longer make money. A friend of mine adopted one of those, in England. Greyhounds are lovely animals, hers showed enormous gratitude.
I can't say the theme appeals to me, but it's important to talk about it, so good for you. Maybe you could remove the "fun" from the title. It makes one think it'll be amusing, I know it's ironic, but all the same...
I'll return for another read, all the best, Gracy

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Thank you for your kind comments. I am quite happy with the ironic title! For clarification for non-Brits, "hunting with hounds" is illegal in Britain but the hunts still exist and use the lame excuse that they are exercising their horses and their bloody dogs by laying a false trail (smelling of fox, obviously) and if the dogs just happen to stray on the scent of a passing fox, it's impossible to stop the hounds chasing and killing it. Our Germanic royal family LOVED hunting and indeed most of them were "blooded" as children - again, for the benefit of non-Brits, that means the child has the dead fox's blood wiped all over his/her face. As a matter of interest, foxhunting also exists in the USA where it is euphemistically called "fox chasing" and where the fox is allowed to live if it goes to ground, how jolly sporting, what?. G.Washington (as well as being a slaveowner) was also a keen fox hunter. As was T. Jefferson.

I think it was dear Oscar who described fox hunting as "the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable".

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