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Susan and I walk hand in hand
both of us with bloody cough
through a dead and dying land,
trees with green leaves dropping off.

Wildlife carcasses are scattered
turkeys, crows, squirrels, deer.
the beauty of my world is shattered.
I'm losing all that I hold dear.

All those cursed mushroom clouds,
mere memories of a week ago.
Grey , hot dust settles like a shroud.
At nightfall distant craters glow.

No way to know who started it.
Korea? Russia? Us?
Communications turned to shit.
It does little good to cuss.

Susan stumbles next to me.
I turn and catch her in week arms.
How could this have come to be?
I promised to shield her from all harms.

We both sit unsteadily.
We know our end is very near.
a springtime leaf falls from a tree.
Susan's breath stops...........
I lurch awake in deep of night
in a bed now soaked in sweat
Susan is snoring, all is right.
We haven't made that mistake.....yet

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Will we never escape the nightmare of nuclear war?
Editing stage: 


made of mushrooms! I don't think, and I certainly hope that even the most unsophisticated politician/tyrant is aware that if they start a nuclear war, that there will be nothing of value to rule over. And to answer your question, maybe.... but we have to change man's basic nature to achieve that. I hope, that for the future generations, we will. Great poem. ~ Gee,

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i guess every generation will now have to undergo a nuclear war scare. That moron in n.Korea has no idea the toys he is playing with

author comment

We are so close to North Korea. And due to our idiot leader we are in the firing line along with you guys.

Absolutely horrific dream. Brilliant poem painting the picture of the fear that millions of us now hold

Love sis xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

If I'd known a poem like this would bring you out of hiding I'd have written it sooner lol. In a way it's good to know there are idiots in both our countries I guess . But both our countries are lufkin in that our mere size makes it impossible to destroy us with just a couple of bombs and NK would be laid total waste if it tried.
It's so good to hear from you again...........stan

author comment

any of these types of thing since they were popular in the sixties. I am old enough to remember when Kennedy pushed Khrushchev over the Cuban missile crisis. He had his missiles in vassal states near the Russian border but the idea that the Soviets might have the same ability gave him kittens.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

has been a long time since we were as close to nuclear war as we are now. All because a fat mad man has gotten hold of weapons beyond his ability to comprehend

author comment

Oh, you mean the other idiot. Yep, unhinged sums him up quite well. What is that old saying? Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

Trump is not that good of a prez but I like to think he has more sense than to be the first to lob a nuke at somebody. Can't say the same for little Kim

author comment

has many checks and balances built into government so no idiot in charge could act in a totally imprudent manner. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about North Korea.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

did you not mean
US of A
minor weekly typo coming from you
you two aren't old yet
just 62
see me sans all
I move about Neo still
yet so many tried
but could not me STILL

I ain't yet

if you'd like to you may also adopt

typo? Heck I make them daily lol

author comment


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