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Following a flashing flame

This withering wine glass
of a world
is filled with many things
some good and
sadly some bad .
But yet we
still have
to endure these
stammering streams.
where our dreams
are like stars
cascading across
the night .
Being the only
light sewn
within eternal
And wait for
the bashful burnout
of our internal flame
that only time can truly tame.

Last few words: 
Because of the many brain surgeries I’ve been experiencing immense nerve pain and my balance is a little off . And in school I fine it hard to think when my mind is left like a light bulb . Brightening up with a threshold of thought then just as quickly burning out into a blank . Trying so hard not to stare into the gaze of others . And sit alone at a lunch table lying within a crowded cafeteria stuck Staring at the ceiling silently sinking into thought.
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Hello, Edward,
You are brave and an inspiration, but also a master poet. "...our dreams are like stars cascading across the night." That is truly what dreams do.
Thank you,

What I meant by that line is that our dreams are our only light in a world of darkness giving us hope.

Hlm life without literature is a life without logic.

author comment

like the entrance to a coal mine in the beginning...
and though one might see nothing but darkness
at first, the further I journey into the mind of this poet
the more picturesque I find the scenery

The light reflects from the surface of obsidian black
with blue flames and sparkles like hidden diamonds
Alice would be quite at home here, falling down and down
to find herself and the Queen of Diamonds playing chess

Thank you for the drops of light glistening in the darkness

~ Geezer.

Writing purely for oneself, is the ultimate in defensive posture.

The only one admire may ye
I have been reading your
enchanting poetry

often I too feel
like a fused bulb
others want to feed
but with reluctance

you amongst lit up bulbs
I am confident
will never fuse
you are a master of your magnanimous muse
none can that refuse '
your diligence will never diffuse ...

youngest bravest poet ever
continue to create live poetry
do endeavor...

To me nothing and no one is perfect you have to know the person in order to know their actions .
You see I’m the type of a person that stays quiet and observes the situation and looks at both sides of the coin.

Hlm life without literature is a life without logic.

author comment

you are really very intelligent
just read my just posted poem
You will laugh
njoi it

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