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Flower Made Much Comparison To Whom?

Part I
A flower shared without itself to be loved,
Of a fragrance made less forgotten, as a taste kept ye unsatisfied,
For the thought made to follow from what hast beareth no love,
Inasmuch as the things were taken from within the tares,
Without the embracing which was held once, that were made to rot and beareth no reason for ye to love,
Left forgotten of what beauty led by the misuse of a love,
To what is it proclaim one's love?
Despised themselves of a manner implying unto their beauty and becometh less of,
In whom ye once loved most than what isn't fount less to describe their love, that were once settled within their hearts so.

Part II
Of a flower unpleasantly shared without being ways to be in love,
Having the forgotten fragrance made less of,
A taste kept so unsatisfied before the least of things felt less of,
Even so, the given upon a thought hadst left no loves,
Having the misused of things taken advantage amongst the tares,
tis' without pleasing itself in love, made rot, as much as ye hath so compared themselves as much,
Wherefore could ye dwell upon it so?
O how it is made without any faith nor can it find any to love to be loved,
What is it now lies where the passing of rottenness that couold bear it so to have love?

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I could never love someone who compare herself to something or someone

author comment

I find myself rereading and rereading this poem as I am so stunned at the beautiful composure and language of it.

-{Madeline With Love ♥}

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