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....They all were born in sixty nine
at least that's when they came to life ...

The poet capturing the time
to hold it for the future young
in verse that didn't always rhyme
with words which soothed and often stung.

The singer taking poet's words
then unleashing music in the air
where it soared, where it rang
to be remembered by all there.

Also the thinker of new things
new ways to live and love and Be
newly defining his generation
which tried so hard to become free.

And an artist with blazing eyes
who sought the truth behind the paint.
Instead he found fortune and fame
and the final truth of overdose.

And over there, off to the side
a listener taking it all in.
Scheming how to use it all.
Planning how to steal it all
to answer His addiction's call
the succubus of Power.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
At the time I wrote this i wasn't aware I'd come upon a new form...morphing poetry
Editing stage: 


I actually had the weirdest thought just reading this, I will share it with you in a PM lol... This is an excellent poem and on first read I cant find fault but I will definitely come back for another read...

it felt like a tribute but then it shifted, it was a whole other story....very clever hun that was an awesome ending

love Jayne xx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

In a way it IS a tribute to those who changed the world in so many ways. But in another it was a dirge for those who betrayed the innocence of those ideals and have become that which they supposedly railed against - the establishment................stan

author comment

this one! I was probably one of those people that managed to sow a few of those
future poets. LOL. I was there at Woodstock for three of the most delicious days of my life.
I had to read this one a couple of times, to get some kind of rhythm from it, but I finally read it as though it was just a paragraph in a news article and that did it. By the way, I think that you should use [who] instead of [which]
Great remembering those days, and yes, many of us did become the establishment, but some of us still push the limits.

Rebels forever! ~ Gee

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Though i was only 15 in 1969 i still felt a part of that summer of love. And a bit too young to make the scenes at Woodstock or Haight Asbury . I was in Memphis and the thing in Memphis at that time was still Elvis lol. I can almost picture you up on that farm skinny dipping and sliding in the mud. I'm pleased you enjoyed this morphing memory of a time which changed our country...........stan PS I'll check out that which-who thing in edit

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