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On first teaching( Butterflies in my stomach challenge)

First day of class
How many students
Ah the schedule says twelve

They have come to learn
but can I teach
they know nothing of writing but I do

I speak and I am a voice
outside of me
do they know I am as nervous as they?

Ah but the butterflies are still there
although they do not show
my heart is beating louder than a drum
can they hear it as well?

It s their first day as well as mine
but we will both

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the line that makes it part of the challenge? Nervous might be described as shaky knees, rubber-legs, palpitations, etc. I see nothing about butterflies in the stomach. ~ Gee.

hmmm you are right going to revise that a bit


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author comment

Now, what about changing the first line of the last stanza? Instead of: [as well as], how about, "It is their first day, like mine..."
~ Geez.

Thanks for the suggestions Yes I made some changes now it reflects the challenge


check out our chat room open to all 24/7

author comment

I see that you added your own flavor to it and I think it's better than my suggestion. ~ Geez.

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