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On a fault-finding misadvernture

If poems don't
resurrect the orphan
red-headed parts of us,
gateways to
what we never knew.
If poems do not
dig up past lovers we
never fucked well or enough
love's bone yard.
If poems don't rage and then
settle peacefully like doves on
every line, I can't tell you if it's
your fault or mine.

Last few words: 
Just saying Hi. :-)
Editing stage: 


I shall remember these words for future ref lol.
Hi! young lady it is lovely to have a few of your words here.
I look forward to reading your pieces again when sanity returns whatever that is, I must go and answer the door there's two big men in white coats at the door, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

damn this is a great little jag of a poem..
Love your lines sometimes..
sorry I havent been around much
but I went down
with twelve minutes to run out
on the clock and falling
on my hour per day
and this..

wasnt expecting this..

Intense and I loved it

sixth line down and on
my favourite lines...
Thanks Kali!!

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