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Farewell, Gaston


My uncle, Gaston,
mum's older brother,
died whilst I cradled him
in the crook of me arms.

He lay there bliss-filled
Faint lustre of his boyhood charms.

It was a waiting game
and he was hanging on.
He held back the Ripper's blade,
Unmindful that he'd had it made.

I whispered in his ear
About the good times,
our common dreams:
how it was okay to let go;
to forgive & be forgiven.

Then off he floated, by candle's glow;
like the silent flutter of wispy snow.


Last few words: 
It was the most curious & intimate experience to have someone die in your arms. Some experimental and unorthodox construction devices. So don't even go there. Thanks.
Editing stage: 


same experience with my mother when she passed away. She did not die alone.l
. Nice write. Linda

He who conquers self , has won a great battle

It's quite a unique experience indeed. You are most appreciated.

'write on! let these words free.'

author comment

A beautiful transition of a person to the other world, and for you to hold, then let go with Gaston must have made it a lovely experience.
I watched my Brother in law, who we looked after, pass with such grace.
We went to the hospital to visit as it was a daily thing and someone was there all the time at the end.
We entered the room and Anne went up to him and gave him a kiss as normal and gave him all the love from the family that could not come to England and then she said "And know that I love you" to him, He replied
"I love you too" and he left so quietly that it was a moment or two before anyone realised he had left.. It was beautiful to be a part of such a thing.
We have a remembrance site for him on the net and always light a candle for him on the Anniversaries of his B/D and passing, as we do for the many that have travelled on..
We have so many over there as you would expect what with being 70 it doesn't get easier does it,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

It's quite an eloquent experience, its having occurred in the early 90s makes the scene all the more impressed I'm my mind & heart.

'write on! let these words free.'

author comment

The way you approach the subject is full of joy and a sense that right was done. I shall certainly be looking forward to future works from you.


Blue Demon77

"What I want is to be what I was before the knife,
before the brooch pin, before the salve, fixed me in this parenthesis:
Horses fluent in the wind. A place, a time gone out of mind."

The Eye Mote-Sylvia Plath

I am most appreciative of your kind words and favourable estimation. Cheers.

'write on! let these words free.'

author comment
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