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Fag Kitten and Little Dead Girl

they danced in a dream
like a bending shadow
face down
a begging ass
hungry back door paradise

ankles strapped on a foot worn floor
paint faced like Ubangi night
with pin needle eyes

in bed
blood red neon's
cutting curtains
like kissing claws
so their bodies wouldn't forget
dark pleasures lightening
and biting tantra tantrums
swallowing mad bitch blossoms of hell candy
breathing the others inhalations
foot sniffing ballet arch
in fastened Japanese yellow paper slippers

gazing rectums prayer
solar eyed insurrection

finger by finger
clutching wrists like the grave
for bloods salty cove
an injured landscape
a dire chaise desert
like bogs hold bones
a rave for a slave
covered in yellow ocher rubber sheets
soft on the feet
x rated amputee costume
made of blood lanterns and spit

look mommy no arms
a bellied tattoo
of hennaed homunculi
burning needled skull

black eyed beauty hissing
while cord throated
rip tie
another notch please
a dizzy splooge
down silver fluted gullet
in a steamed up bath house
party of blotted sockets

fag kitten
kissed dead girls thighs
tremulous and stretched
a shimmering serum
like wide tubular channels
as pontoon edges slit
through midnight howls for velvet skinned girl
who thrills retrograde
her head a veiled Jehovah
saliva wagging tongue scum
a stuttering vagina dance
a hula hot momma in rubble
slapping hot lipped kisses
over starved darkness
along telegraph avenue
melting eyes like butter
a globed pudding spill
nipples drool drops of gold
and black river gladiators
slaughter lies
with every long stroke
between cascading squeals

paraphilias mausoleum
like tumbling mice
a scapegoat pulp fiction
chiseled in cement
cripple rips
drip drip drip

cock spasms like a hot glue gun
soiling cherry clover

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Is the internal logic consistent?
Last few words: 
sexual content
Editing stage: 


Fuck man, I really like it as harsh and true but also hate it in that Chuck Palahniuk way. Little grace or beauty even in degradation. Just thoroughly honest and unforgiving observation.

And that 'just' ain't no 'just'.

Neopoet Directors

You know I totally appreciate your every word !!!!!
…...and groveling poet that I am; I have more thank uuuus than the national debt :)

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Mario Vitale

Thank you kindly Mario...very appreciated!!!

author comment

How can you appreciate such trite slime?
I do have a tendency to miss irony.

Neopoet Directors

As the poem demands the reader to consider a surreal train of images it seems to have 2 stance. The second starts ‘fag kitten’
Although there is little I understand in this poem like if someone asked me what it was “about” I would not be able to really say....
But nonetheless as an abstract painting has visual differences the poem feels like narrative differences. For me the first read in these type poems are the first. In the second I get halted at images which even subconsciously I can’t connect like ubangi sky,river gladiators..
. a poem should invite the reader to reread and get more each read. There is a hidden thing going on in the poem, I wish there was a SHORT intro for me to introduce me to whatever tale of beezelbub you are referring to. How else could the reader more enjoy the poem, so rich in imagination ?
The poem has an intensity but I leave wanting a little more background info. Even if “based on a tale by x”. Thanks as always

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

I think Mark is right.

Neopoet Directors


I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

As a personal thing when I think of my favorite famous poet, probably Plath. I find what makes her so are the sensations I get reading her not so much the narrative elements although I admit they are good

The main feature of her work are the sounds of words as the way they combine
I find it absolutely mystical

White, Godiva I unpeel—
Dead hands, dead stringencies.

What exactly is this about?
chocolates or history
dead hands,,,shes not dead yet... hands that don't move, as in dead a wishful projection?
dead stringencies.,,,,a dead strictness ie strictly dead? ,,,building codes? I mean there's a little elbow room here

Ubangi night... inferring African black skin feminine and weird in terms of other cultural as lips pierced and distended to unusual dimensions. Pin needle eyes ie drugged and wild

The poem is about transgressive sex ie sodomy S& M, erotophonophilia fantasies played out by anime characters or those in the life who thrive on transgressive behavior like satanic transvestites

There are lotsa clues inferences associations without the tedium of linearity

fag kitten
kissed dead girls thighs
tremulous and stretched
a shimmering serum
like wide tubular channels
as pontoon edges slit
through midnight howls for velvet skinned girl

I get halted at images which even subconsciously I can’t connect like Ubangi sky, river gladiators...….The beasts of the river; ravaging cocks under African skies ie the dark interiors of ones lovers metaphors not meant to illicit geographical and biological exactitude but atmospherics and metaphorically painted
When I think of Ubangi's I think African tribal spears, grass huts, shell scared painted women and naked tits. the margins of life as we know it. Skies ie their steaming weather, their world. their environment...what is overhead etc.

What is the meaning of the razor split eye and its association of the moon in Un Chien Andalou (1929), de Luis Buñuel?
One thing for sure is its not literally obvious

Let me break it down, The moon corresponds to the female reflective and specifically meta realism or surrealism ie stream of consciousness, treasure trove of images, the taboo, emotions, the second or dark moon Lilith
The eye that is slit is the right eye, the eye of ego and super ego corresponding to the left brain ie rational thought and what men think of women ie the evils of patriarchy.
The thing about the subconscious is that it is subconscious You know it with out thinking about it as in a feeling. perhaps barley detectable. Having said that to know your subconscious is to drag out your demons and gods To be a seer, an initiate To even rearrange your own soul To know your own true will devoid of the systemic societal stringencies.
Best Always Z

author comment

and I suspect a frisson here, then it may well provoke a very angry poem.
It is relevant.

Neopoet Directors

medicare paid for a new knee and my brain is on vacation. The hardest thing to do at first is to sit in a chair bending it, I'm finally able to sit at my desk.
Thank you for taking the time for such a long reply. These conversations are not easy, we are somewhat writing essays to each other.
The subject of Sex, on itself, and really the blood of the poem is itself unique. I remember the first time I read the end of Joyce's Ulysses, and all those yeses and yeses I felt he went into a new boundary.
I appreciate we have had similar references, surrealist movies, Fellini Satyricon, so as a reader I have my own gut responses split eye, whether from Bunnuel or Apollinaire or Ubangi nights (not really too PC in today's sensitive world, even in the name of art)...with your poems I just have to drift with the images, as I would with an abstract painting. Just look. Don't think. Enjoy the words.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

I feel the greatest urge to start this with dear friend; so why hold back
My dear friend, sorry for the knee; a muther fuker if there ever was one. So sorry to hear of your pain, not a small thing. I hope you recover quickly, quickly, quickly!!!!!

Well its a quandary for me as well, Its like I fell in love with an idea about language as a bizarre malleable elasticity, its weakness discontinuity, its strength new colors and flavors perhaps
There are linguistic necessities that are put upon us in the definitively narrative and linear They load our minds in certain way but part of it is perhaps a new context in narrative to you ie strangely flavored prompts that incite me.
Fag Kitten is like an anime icon to me. A male charcter who goes transgender and identifies with being a lesbian (a real phenomenon) evocative of an inner compression to identify as a female with a sexual preference for women only The rocky horror picture show kinda thing Haahahhaaa
.....and NO thats not me at all but I like the psychological and cultural memes in literature

Little dead girl is a living Goth Her identity culturally and sexually is necro and passive She thrives on the theater of dissolution, like how one gets lost in the radiations of orgasm ie La petite mort
Its obsessive fascination is really a fixation on relief from life's gnawing drudgery and responsibilities
She dresses and lives as the identify of seductive death

I don't like being not understood, Having people throw up there hands perplexed, Id rather be popular.... Its lonely

But I cant write for others because than it would be feeling like a commercial venture My motivation would be destroyed.
Id rather be desolated and write for those few who get the twinge

Case in point; I post on another site and I get a text from a young pretty little black bi sexual girl with a host of paraphilias, unsophisticated by any measure She lives in the Bahamas and she writes to me "your writing about me" I've become her patriarch of disturbed and we are pen pals
This means so much to me!

As i say to you Mark over and over again your interaction with me is immensely valuable
Your mind is blazing! Who challenges me here? I like your rattling I thrive on it as you can tell I'm sure by the tone and involvement of my interaction with you
One of the distinctions we draw I think is a conflict of spiritual dharmas
Gurdjieff' / Crowley
or bind everything vs bind nothing
Right handed Vs Left Handed
Left Brain Vs Right etc.
ie a fascination and dialectic of opposites

Best to you My Dear Friend

author comment

Thanks for your kind words. It seems here in the early stages of recovery you get a half hour a day of peace, then the swelling takes over and your concentration is gone.Day by day, this too will change. Arthritis had made just walking tough, it was time. Most people report after a few months you're a new person after the fix. Reborn sounds like a good idea...
I do believe all poets must not only read a lot of poetry but read a lot about poetry. Of my 50 favorite poets, there is not one who has not written about poetry, the philosophy of their work and of the craft. That in itself is fascinating- and difficult, like the depth you find in NY Review of Books. I do about 2/3 (poems) to 1/3 (being books about poetry) From the most philosophic works of archetypes by Northrop Frye to the most public and basic questions of Zupruders good seller "Why Poetry?" .

That last book opened up a new reality for me, to I ask myself all the time who am I writing for, in context to all this reading...I realized I was really trying to communicate the poetic truths of living, of my own small life in the world so full of beauty, horror, paradox and death. I realized to do this I had to make compromises, to not try to impress or amuse myself with poems that could only be understood by me. The craft and presentation became as important as the message. That is currently my direction, I'm writing "collections" of poems with themes so a reader could enjoy a concrete theme. (The last book I just read, a signed collection by Ferlinghetti ( nice and cheap in a used bookstore) was just that- the theme of light in "How to Paint Sunlight." Accessible and very full of several poems about light)

So you are stating two different issues:

I don't like being not understood, Having people throw up there hands perplexed, I'd rather be popular.... Its lonely

But I cant write for others because than it would be feeling like a commercial venture My motivation would be destroyed.
Id rather be desolated and write for those few who get the twinge...

Well, first of all, we poets are possibly lucky because we ain't making beans for our poems. Forgetaboutit. Even our most lauded poets end up teaching to get the health care and severance. I suppose there may be 3 poets in Amerika that make a living on just writing poetry....if that many. Who's buying? I didn't see much word "poetry" once in this weeks NY Times review of books. Only some letters crashing last weeks review of Leonard Cohen, who the critic called a wonderful lyricist and performer, but an awful poet. These dialogues are important to me, but really, quite a small audience. Either way, lyrics and song paid the rent, not Cohen's books of just poetry.

I'm sure there is no immediate cure for your paradox. If you want to be popular you have to make compromises. If you don't want to alter your vision, you can get the joy of a smaller readership and forget the rest. You have to manage expectations is a world that hardly notices our craft.
It's hard to be both, I suppose you should stay true to your motivation. And if readers like me don't get it, fuck em. Let it suffice we acknowledge the craft, and that we will get closer to some poems more than others be enough. For me, accessibility, the ability to engage a reader into whatever poetic truth I am feeling, is more important than in any way hiding the meaning in the poem in which I alone can understand it.
I want people who never read poetry, which is most people, pick up a poem by me and feel the poetry power without feeling intimidation which is what most people feel when they read most poems published today. For me its that fine line between letting the imagination do the work, and the poem setting up the narrative to allow it by inviting a reader into it. I get great joy reading my poems to non poets who are scared by even the idea of it, and get them to feel something new, that wonderful way Aristotle put it- that poetry provides an ultimate truth that is found beyond the boundary of philosophy.
With respect, and thanks. I just passed my time allowed to sit and think. ouch!
"what a drag it is to get old"


I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Hi Mark
Admittedly I have gone off the rails focusing on the meta or man as dreamer. Are we not dreamers first before descending into the material, deadening the faculty of imagination or as the I Ching says "a darkening of the light"
I want to bring the reader up and when I read I want to have the sensation of ascending I try to give what I like to receive which is to be brought into greater fluency and light

Have we abandoned our inner life to such an extent that when confronted with it we find our selves strangers to it; reinforcing and amplifying a kind of cognitive dissidence?
Are we in a sense a stranger to our selves having lost the lucidity of our magical youth

Do we see the world as vacant utilitarian stuff and other humans predictable lusterless cogs in a wheel like cued robots?

Witches Seers, Voodoons , Hermeticists, Kabbalists and Occultists of very stripe know and use objects as essential to their operations and craft because they have hidden meaning and power.

Has the life of fantastical creative cognition been sacrificed to inveterate congenital pragmatism?

"Beloved imagination, what I most like in you is your unsparing quality".
Andre Breton

To transgress is to process ones madness as opposed to the customary botched behaviors of repressive modalities we hide behind . It seems to me that poetry is a great ground for that exploration.

Perhaps Its a good thing for a reader to think about what the writer means, albeit a difficult pleasure as opposed to the instantaneous and facile modes of naming and claiming Reading towards the abstract can be a mystical experience Most people who read are shallow readers Shall I than aspire to be a shallow writer?

What surrealism (Detailed descriptive language unmoored from linear rationality) affords the writer like pure abstraction to the visual artist is a great opportunity to explore the musicality of language ie the musicality of form ie the energetic configurations of architypes.

Part of our craft that makes things crackle as you know well remains sound play ie the strategy of syllables ... Long vowels / short vowels...the length of words and sound of words in relationship to one another
As you know Mark to analyze the subtle abstraction of sounds ie words to the ear is just like music and like music although not wholly translatable has an undertow of non verbal meaning especially if exploited out side the linguistic necessity of linear prose like poems ie a device that most never use consciously and strategically or certainly to its fullest potential
So when we say a poem is beautiful do we impart mean its those amazing tintinnabulating sounds that seduce with their musicality? Poems that do that well stand out to me.

Further I think we are in error when we confuse the realistic with the materialistic. It seems to me realism has magnitudnal underlying meta elements that need to be felt in poetry and to think other wise in my op[inion would be a dull conceit
A good example is thought itself
When we speak our ideas thoughts impulses we have no real sense of where they emerge from The processes are so meta their incomprehensible even to neuro science and scientists have little if any understanding of consciousness or its meaning as far as I know

So perhaps the surrealist has a place of worth too; and that is to remind people of their inner life out side the cage of end product think. After all what is a life and what is a poem?
Best Z

author comment

Its the energized excitement of engagement that sharpens and makes this site and people like your self., Mark and some of our other friends like quill meaningful.

Having said that maybe you would like to comment on the substance of the dialectic

author comment

well I didn't watch it but being an astrology buff and seeing how ingrained bias is both in genetics and systemic social indoctrination plays out I think there is something to be said for free wills absence

author comment

Video is by nature indoctrinational rather than informational.

What really puzzles and disturbs me about this is why he does it. What motive in trying to make us feel either powerless over our choices or unaccountable for them?

He gives no hint at any consideration of even speculating about the possibility of free will or at least how to get it.

We are besieged, disempowered, shamed and reduced from every corner in order to be more controllable.

We do have the choice to fight back. For starters I would like to punch his face.

The problem with the freewill debate is it is silly. Many beliefs are based on (forgive me, I've got to use the word) choice. If there is no freewill there is no accountability and less motivation.
Argue all day and night. There is freewill because I personally think it's a fucking good idea and not just philosophically or metaphysically, no, even more importantly- ideologically.

There is freewill or no revolution and fuck that for a dutch oven.

Neopoet Directors

I just watched the vid Ive given this idea a lot of thought It is the age old question of fate vs self determinism and i must agree with Sam
because I didn't author my own existence
my genetics ie the way I look, feel, perceive, my abilities and limitations, the nature of my desires, the social environment I was born into, my parents, my biases of love attraction and what repels ...all inherited or baked in All those elements drive motivation and how we react to a whole other set of things we have no control over which is what happens to us

This should not be confused with the impulse to make effort, to fight back, to have vision or to do better in life but part of a pre extant built in meta determinism of subconsciousness for example the Architype Aries Mars war strength rebellion

This idea is also supported by the arcane philosophies related to astrology, geomatics gematria and archetypes indicating that we are ourselves the expression of immense forces both subtle and concrete

Best Z

author comment

That was a load of crap. Sure "This should not be confused with the impulse to make effort, to fight back, to have vision or to do better in life". but nothing, gods, fates, chaos butterflies can change the fact that we are we responsible for our future and anyone who uses any pathetic spiritual or religious excuses otherside is just a fucking coward not taking accountability.

Neopoet Directors

I get taking responsibility
Is that a built in survival mechanism?

author comment

please ignore. What I say might not all be shit but my tone and aggression certainly is.

Neopoet Directors

please ignore. What I say might not all be shit but my tone and aggression certainly is.

Neopoet Directors

No worries None of us can control shit :)

author comment

I guess you figured,
this poem sure triggered.

Neopoet Directors

Thanks Jess.... Lord knows it excites to get the attention. whore that I am ;)

author comment
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