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Fading into the Night (Prose Poem)

Now it seems like a dream. Perhaps it was the recollection of an approving glance you had cast upon me at the terminal, five minutes before boarding a flight to Roma. There you were, wearing Gioconda’s mysterious smile; a smile that masked vague promises, which you might—or might not have kept.

Your lips were pressed together as though you tried to suppress amusement at the sight of my face, one that must have told you what you already knew: With my heart’s blood I would pen poems that resounded of pain and pleasure; write divine music that expressed endless longing, then to rhapsodize on your lips.

Too soon your radiance departed. You boarded your plane and faded from view like a shooting star, leaving me behind in the deafening silence of the airport to ponder what might have been.

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a true nnear-encounter at my tender age of 22, lol.
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such are the bitter-sweet memories of our past. when we wonder what might have been, if only... thanks for showing us this side of you... I feel the vulnerability... it is palpable!

*hugs, your friend, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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yeah, especially at a younger age we can easily be smitten by an attractive member of the opposite sex. But then I waited till I found someone that truly captured my heart. L. and I have been together for 52 years this coming December--yippy! Thank you for commenting, dear Cat.

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Actually I don't buy it, I know you are smitten with your wife. But it is a lovely subject, now a days nobody sees anyone they are on their cell phones

I miss the older days when you could have your breath taken away by someone beautiful. Ps don't tell my husband I said that.

Thank you...Teddy

That happened long before I pledged body and soul, plus my worldly possessions to my true love--which never stopped me from admiring the fairer sex. "Look, but don't touch the goodies," has been my motto for over half a century. It is a lovely subject to write about in honor of all those lovelies I never had a chance to kiss, except on the cheeks--a chance that I would never pass up to this day--with their permission, of course, lol.
No, I won't tell your hubby; it shall remain our secret. Thank you, dear Teddy. I'm glad we had this talk. Jerry

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