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F e i g n

monochrome speakers
all the dust beneath the
this lazy little lie
will enslave me

remember september
cold and clammy
i liked june
and you liked sammy

till we threw that
and brought
it down

like a burning witch

say they slay
us brand betray us
we will never make
a stand
fall of the edge
and leave no plan

save the dayglow
of the missing

and how you skimmed
your arms beneath
my shirt
with my hands under
your skirt

our love was heavy
like precious metal
all the battle
all the hell rose
like a snub nose
little night

when we were
higher then a kite

breaking down
the walls
of vicious
haters fallen
the glass is
nearly empty

is this a moment
of hallucinary
or do we love
to mess up all
the dreamer


Editing stage: 


my latest music trends exemplify this change..needs much work..
completely off the cuff even for me...

author comment

It only needs a little tidy up, as you often do, you leave me speechless but I always feel to compelled to let you know I have been here and that your words have had impact, in one way or another, I love the edge I can feel in this one there is a heaviness of words that seep into your bones as you read them, I felt like I have been here before, I absolutely love the last stanza

great poem, or should I say Great.

love JC xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

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