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Examples of a Serenade and Aubade

A Lover’s evening Serenade

The rising moon in the sky is
not large enough to contain my
love for you. Tonight,
while I am out visiting my friends,
the stars, should I speak with Venus
and ask her for ambrosia and a decanter of
nectar, fit for the gods on Mt. Olympus?
What else, my sweet?
Should I steal Aphrodite’s shell,
fill it with milk and sweet perfumes
for your bath?
I promise, I shall turn away while you
anoint your body, then, shyly hand you a
towel as soft as the milky way
before my dreaming eye.
And I will patiently await my heart’s desire.

[At dawn, at parting, the lover recites an Aubade (morning song)]

How shall I greet you this
love-filled morning?
See? here is dawn,
reaching out to us . . .
Naughty Eros!
Do not let your rosy fingers linger
all-too long upon my lady’s lovely form, for
I am a jealous lover.
She is awake; how do I approach her?
One moment I can be as
mild as May’s zephyrs--
gently kissing my beloved’s lips—
but then I turn into that coarse god Vulcan--
demanding, forceful—yet groveling at
my Aphrodite’s feet. But to no avail,
for I must depart, accompanied by the early
meadow lark’s “weet-weet” sounds.

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Free verse
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How was my language use?
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I hope this clarifies the difference between a serenade and an Aubade.
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Not Explicit Content


thanks for posting a Serenade and an Aubade to help to help distinguish between the two..

have a good day..

raj (sublime_ocean)

I hope all that helps. I had fun inserting some erotic notions.

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author comment

yes the insights were very good and inspired me to try a serenade (sensuous one) which is under way ...:)

thanks again..

raj (sublime_ocean)

I promise,"??????
I shall turn away while you
anoint your body, then, shyly hand you a
towel as soft as the milky way..........

but all women love some one
always eyeing
through the corner of one's eyes
why must you alone feel shy

just tell me why

Madame LK (my wife) just informed me that you have a good point about that nonsense of me averting my eyes when she takes her bath. After all these many years of blissful marriage--by now I should have seen it all. Maybe I am a prude? Naw; I just don't want the newness to wear off--ever. Thanks so much. JK.

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author comment

her still maiden eyes
don't feel shy
she knows all the time
where you are looking

she can see you in the mirror of time
where shielded you stand behind

you are [email protected]
still winking I have studied the femme mind
since ages

mine also teaches me with rages
but wishes that my glimpses
are not wasted

as we both age simultaneously
allow me the liberty
but with closed eyes
to bow ...

I conveyed your thanks to her and she acknowledged the fact that you are a very wise man--and she will pull your hair out by the roots for revealing all her secrets, LOL.

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author comment

I am bald fully
no hair can she ever pull
but to please her
I'd invest in a horse's wig
JK do pay for it
your ma'am still needs
rgds madam

touching my bald head no hat
do say wow
no woman ever goes beyond 21
some how
parlours now can vow

bald entirely sounds lovedly. She might use your head for a bowling ball. Strike!! lol. Thanks.

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author comment

end of game

for all hours. Definitely, "The Man". ~ Geez.

Our Chatroom is open 24/7 Feel free to use it for
keeping in touch We have poets around the world and it is fun
to have real-time conversations with those that are up
all night or on the other side of the world.

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, a man for all hours; I never shut down. Jerry

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author comment

Oh, an aubade. I didn't know of it nor have I thought to consider something like it. I am happy to learn from your example! I really liked the taunt at Eros


delighted to meet you. I'm glad you like the examples, now go to it and write an aubade about Eros and other weird stuff, lol. Thanks very mucho. Jerry

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author comment
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