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Eve of 2013

Vomit spewing everywhere,
On her face and in her hair
Pretty girl of yesteryear
Dead drunk

Angry man at passing station
Does he represent the nation?
Fights his friend of yesteryear
Dead drunk

Unable to stand upright
rowdy reveller of the night
Damaged liver from yesteryear
Dead drunk

Singing loudly, beer in hand
Unconscious to their fellow man
Enforced ASBO yesteryear
Dead drunk

Unknown lovers, tongues entwined,
Hope burgeoning in their minds
Passions flowing from yesteryear
Dead drunk

Body falling out of dress
Breasts part displayed, what a mess
Clothed in food of yesteryear
Dead drunk

Going home on the tube
Surrounded by the crude and lewd
I thank the Lord that I am not
Dead drunk

Last few words: 
Oh dear the worst of British New Year's Eve
Editing stage: 


it's like 52 Friday nights squashed into one. Everyone trying desperately hard to have fun. It doesn't mean I haven't been one of them, and done all of the above. This NYE I had worked hard physical work all day and had to do the same the next day, so all the celebrations were annoying.

But I woke up feeling better than I ever have on the 1st of January before.

Love the poem, don't care to quibble over minor matters of scansion etc if you will forgive me.

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Happy new year xxxx

author comment

thank god I drink
but occasionally,
if it does some one please
dead drunk

I have added you as a fan of yours
only for your equally exotic poetry


I'm not sure how to add people as fans . There are so many I wish to follow. I'll ask Jess

author comment

people must follow you
they will ask
any one you wish to
just add on the best
as you come across
those who do read you and comment too
I just added you
you may if you like to ...
so do
we will learn from each other too
but know this
I'm no poet like you


You have not revealed much about yourself on your description. Not sure a lot of us know you. I certainly want to know more xxx

author comment

what a vilanelles is so will have to look at my poetry book!

author comment
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