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Epicurial Soliloquy.....W Snow poetry

An Old Man and the Sea

Those wise eyes
discern from a distance
we see the distant horizon
vast deep beyond
the expanding ocean
we linger in space indeed
to find a swift weed

as we surf along the waves of life
a tsunami comes astride
takes all humanity for a ride
none know where to hide
then we subside to the bottom of the sea
who are we?

none can see
a speck of water
bubbles mixed in the waters of the ocean
all transfixed as globules independent
once we were,
but now a nuisance

you must teach me
the art of free imagination
whence comes a thought
whither does it go to
in human existence

whether we can imprint
our minds indelible ink
let me know
the world says so
two souls distant apart
Internet now makes them
a poetically integral part

your wisdom far surpasses the sea
the rivers do meet
but at the tributary
of what we call conjunction of humanity
to merge with eternity

my mind races faster
than does my finger
thoughts continue to linger
as the rivers of life flow
from where to where
that none know

it's the vibrations
of thoughts
this causes commotion
hence helps to keep life
in continuous motion

Poetry is one stream only
that keeps the emotion going
as poetry is nothing
beyond an emotion
but in slower motion

Tomorrow when it comes,
as it will
a new tree of poetry
will become still
as these verses will be given a soul
of which master of inspiration
are you alone and whole

I am just an instrument of mind
making an effort to poetry grind
out of an experienced find
yours not mine, none should mind...

My voice is not that of a nightingale
it’s just like that of a big fat whale
words monumental
but meanings small
come out like beads
from sea beds weeds
yet I pose
as being poetic rose....

Let someone all beads string
and seal
then someone someday will say
these were songs of a nightingale

any way it’s been a long day
again today
awaiting your grace so to say
as you sow words of wisdom
in a kaleidoscope of thoughts random
a word or two
I shall borrow from you
hope this promulgation would do.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


as a silly queue to me this didn't seem to follow the meaning of the word:- A soliloquy ("I talk") a device often used in drama when a character speaks to himself or herself, relating thoughts and feelings, thereby also inadvertently sharing them with an audience.
Mind you on the second read and the third read it became better so there must be something that is slightly out to give that initial impression..

In modern popular usage, an epicure is a connoisseur of the arts of life and the refinements of sensual pleasures; epicureanism implies a love or knowledgeable enjoyment.
Epicurial has yet to be recognised as a proper word lol, maybe one day it will be yours young Bard..

Now you have to sort this one out it is a good write, and will make a great poem as the theme is solid.
Yours as always Ian.T
PS:- would have preferred the word Epicurian "Epic U R Ian"

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

are u again preparing for

and u know Ian
Shakespeare did not bring a dictionary along with him
as he came out of the womb
he created it
as much as i do
many words i have created along my way
half i forget
so would all of you

author comment

Loved.This is both expressive and impressive soliloquy. I am sure sir Wesley will like it. As I understand, it is like a description of his wisdom and poetic talent.
If so, I can't agree more.
Thanks for sharing.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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