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The end

So this is how it ends
Seven years and this is it
nothing but a faint whisper that trickles down those perfect lips.
Your body as still as that dark night that has been longing so for your touch
The touch I once craved
I once needed, I once yearned for the touch I starved for.
The touch of kind gentle soul, one who took pity on the lost, the dammed, the hopeless and the rejects.
You gave me a voice when I couldn’t speak and now I shall shout your name from the highest mountains. Beyond the seas and the cities over the moon and across the fields.
This is it? This is how it ends?
How can one so beautiful, so kind be snatched away, torn from this earth so easily a queen who lived amongst the beggars, you slept with the rats and the strays and fed from your plate.
No this must be a mistake, a cruel joke how could you let this happen how dare you let this happen
Where was I to save you?
Where was I when you needed me?
A drunk lost at sea, travelling the world but desperate to return to you.
Where was I when you put that noose around your neck and took that leap into a better world?
There is no point in mourning tomorrow the sun will rise again, the birds will sing again but I shall never forget you.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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An eternal question.

It is poetic. yet lacks form. Be more generous to your reader. I suggest shorter lines and less self-indulgence. Try to make it more about what people feel.

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