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The Empty Vessel

I am the empty vessel,
Hiding pain behind a painted smile,
Devoid of sense and purpose,
Feelings forever marked as 'Fragile'

I am the empty vessel
I stand and stare blankly ahead,
What I was, has been fast forgotten,
The lily remains cold and dead.

I am the empty vessel,
Missing a heart and human soul,
Pick and place me where you please,
I am yours to pose and control.

I am the empty vessel,
What I contained was long ago lost,
Im now just a ghost of myself,
A casualty of a hateful holocaust.

I am the empty vessel,
Feelings linger, long out of my reach
But I am sat here still smiling,
I am your perfect porcelain masterpiece.

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I found this to be very very sad, yet full of charm to speak about ones self is hard to find the powerful words yet you have done it, I've felt like this throughout my life on a couple of occasions but in today's world I bet you speak for millions. Your ending is so powerful again sad its like looking at a helpless China doll in a painting. Stuck with no where to go

Thank you...Teddy

im glad you liked it xx

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thankyou so much xxx

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