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The Empty Vessel

I am the empty vessel,
Hiding pain behind a painted smile,
Devoid of sense and purpose,
Feelings forever marked as 'Fragile'

I am the empty vessel
I stand and stare blankly ahead,
What I was, has been fast forgotten,
The lily remains cold and dead.

I am the empty vessel,
Missing a heart and human soul,
Pick and place me where you please,
I am yours to pose and control.

I am the empty vessel,
What I contained was long ago lost,
Im now just a ghost of myself,
A casualty of a hateful holocaust.

I am the empty vessel,
Feelings linger, long out of my reach
But I am sat here still smiling,
I am your perfect porcelain masterpiece.

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im glad you liked it xx

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thankyou so much xxx

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