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Economic Movement Dramatic Verse

I learned a new word today
to renovate or improve
conform to middle class taste.

I stumble on this word
in a news article
two armed gals
forced three tenants,
one girl two men,
from their apartment
by gun point.

Why would they do that
you may ask?
They knocked at the door
(women)"knock knock"
tenant opens the door
(women) "you have two choices:
move out, or be killed.
allowed inside the
ladies robbed the victims
(women) "give me all your money
$800; hand over that iPhone
and your personal information"
(tenants) (fleeing)"someone trying to kill us"

squatters they say
living in the apartment
found and arrested
not long afterward

races un verified
believe racially motivated
inspired by gentrification
one suspect express
suspects say she don't like
whites moving in

researches revealed New York state
raised rents on it's tenants
to unaffordable levels
lower income, minority residents
force to move
wealthier tenants moves in,
major source of conflict
for neighborhoods like Brooklyn.

Editing stage: 


there are many unfairness in this world.

Racism is poison
tell that to the ignorant
and our children
before time stripped them
of their innocence...


I wondered if it was any good

*Collaborative Poetry Workshop* American Version of Japanese Poetry ~ Renga ~ Haiku, Senyru, Tanka.

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