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The sun raced across the sky like a raging lion
With braided rays of Medusa's coiled colors
To the infinite blackness of the waiting moon
Sucking in the soft fingers of light-

For a moment it was the perfect connection
And the ground was set afire with halo.

And on a thousand satin sheets
The copulating couples hysterically
Screamed their prayer of conception.

Three things cannot be hidden;
the sun the moon and the truth
Said the Fortune cookie

Once in a lifetime does the moon hide the sun
In the exact place you may live on this great earth
And you see the true skin of the first primal light

The very ground you stand upon is holy ground
In your one and only passing


(The Batammaliba, who live in Benin and Togo... According to their legends, an eclipse of the Sun meant that the Sun and the Moon were fighting and that the only way to stop them from hurting each other was for people on Earth to resolve all conflicts with each other)

Sing a song of the sun and the moon,
The hunter and the hunted
Sing a song of peace between us
As we are both the lover and the loved.

The warrior fox becomes the dove
And the floral fire alights the sky
In waves of all consuming love
The heavenly bodies cease their cry.

Sing a song of the sun and moon
The hunter and the hunted
Sing a song of peace between us
We are both the lover and the loved.


Make the noise from the horn that echoes in the land,
Bang the great drums from towers of ancient palaces,
Blast the choruses of the cosmic cantatas
Send chimes of electric bells from the pyramids-
For millennium our bloodlines shouted at the sky
And gave the heavens the sounds of man
As they reminded us of their awesomeness.

Come today, see the dragon eat the sun!
Come, take a selfie.


All the creatures of the world cover their heads
When the darkness comes in the middle of day,
Taking cover in the sudden night;
The trees bleed sap, the leaves await the mist,
The flowers button up about their sex,
The insects blame the spider for witchcraft,
The birds cease their mating and bickering,
The fish dive to ocean depths in panic
As the squid rise to the surface like rockets;
Even the clear-headed elephants discuss it for days.


The laws of the universe make all things round
Be they star or planet or moon
And as they all swirl around themselves
In elliptical orbits,
(Following the laws of the said universe)
They will inevitably cause an eclipse.

There, that explains it.


The sun can never be seen by the naked eye;
But when the face of light was covered
By the flat stone roundness of the moon,
Using the cardboard goggles of 3d delight
We witnessed the tentacles of atomic flares
The detonation of hydrogen rivers in space
In all directions, and knew then
The bringer of light is the first god,
The cause of all things to be seen,
And therefore imagined.

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this is delightfully charged with intelligence, sophistication and wit
and immaculate writing skills

I have nothing more to add
other than It falls into the category of brilliant

that's my story, and I'm sticking to it



(or as the great one said, "homa homa homa homa")

A very humble thanks, and glad you enjoyed! Hope you had a good view in your part of the country.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

author comment

You covered this event in a far different way that I did. But often different is good as this clearly shows. Liked the history which my attempt lacks and the imagery was exacting........stan

How I wish you could also show snaps
we know neo
has no such facility

is not a LIFE time once

it happens every 38 years ask me in PM
if you want to know

An interesting piece, I enjoyed reading it.

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