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EARTH ABIDES ( March Contest)

Listen young ones gather 'round
recall my words and hold them dear
for each and every tone and sound
explains the reasons for our fear.

For I recall the shining towers
and back when plenty ruled the land,
the magic newsbox in its final hours.
They're all gone now like shifting sand.

First to vanish? Airplane's trails,
those thin clouds which crossed the sky
exuded from the fleeing tails
when men, like birds, could still fly.

Then the plague took firmer hold
and princes issued their decrees.
People, for a while, did as they were told
until the blind, even , began to see.

Soon the rambling of trucks died
and the arteries of cities stilled.
The voices of the hungry cried
even those who were strong willed.

Panic and greed at shelves gone bare.
Gunshots when hoarded goods were found.
Hospitals abandoned everywhere.
Rumors and lies swirled all around.

Then places where the place was worst,
big cites where men were packed tight,
realized these places were now cursed
so those still alive took massive flight.

They came upon small towns and farms
looting , killing with no remorse
save where met by men with arms;
there their paths ended their course.

For almost a full year
this sickness of both soul and flesh
filled the survivors with fear
'till the winter winds turned fresh.

From the plague starvation took over
un-named cold bodies all about
most in cities some in lush clover.
The fever finally burned out.

All that were left were the lucky few,
most country raised and country wise
who knew how crops and livestock grew
and how to aim with cold hard eyes.

Come spring the stench of cities rose
millions of corpses in decay
brought by winds for miles to nose
commanding all to stay away.

For 5 long years 'twas touch and go
while the ways of old were slowly relearned.
Now at last hopes start to grow.
Hopes which have been sorely earned..

Yet just a couple years gone by
your uncle ventured to the city
convinced that he'd never die
seeking parts which lay in plenty.

He came back with a new well pump.
He came back with sweat and chills.
He died alone near the old dump.
His bones lie there unburied.still.

So heed my words and pass them on.
Let old cities not feel you tred
for there the fever still lives on.
If you go there you're good as dead.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I got to writing about this virus going around then realized it also met the contest prompt , The book is titled "Earth Abides by George Stewart
Editing stage: 


A great write but would have liked the title "Earth Abides" or some reference to the book in there some place otherwise as always great.
Yours as always Ian ..

Words can build a nation

You are right but you know my aversion to changing titles. I'll give it some thought on this one though

author comment

Damned cunning, those Chinese.

Poet(ess) to the Stars

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