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e n t r e . . .n o u s

light down the hall
and the dreams of
in the vein

sunlight along the
hearts pulse
like the current of
wind raising sand
to a vision kept
the brilliant torch

the soul is a photo
scratched behind
broken glass
the rain has drenched
its kiss through years
stained like swollen
held damp in warm hands

a bite sharp and bitter
from the shards
sharp as the worn familiar
hand of cards

walk shadow affairs
cool clay garden drinks
the edge of the calamities

old chapters on new pages
our fingers touched with
hot tips where we read
our ink smeared and smitten
the dog eared earnest
breeze that wakes the
supple burning ache
burrowed deep in our
marrow hearts

beneath the cutting stars
and steep stair dance
where the hand is drawn
and luck leaves with chance


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"no one wants to be lonely..but what am I to do.." Sarah Blasko

author comment

Where to many lovely, lovely images. My favourite, "the soul is a photo behind broken glass"...and "old chapters on new pages"...

The whole extended metaphor of life being a hand of cards, just inspired. I love your work.

Ells x

during my teens and youth
involving and thought provoking

my working at writing was to write like
the many heroes I had
But not to copy their style

its hard to do and has taken years
and in the end I am very similar to a few
I read away from here from a different

The whole idea sprung from my love of poetry
and Love Poems written
to people to one another
everyone can gather flowers
but each bouquet is different
be it large or small

words are such I find

Thank You!

author comment

Lovely poem, lots of beautiful images. May I ask if you deliberately chose the irregular stanzas to add form to the poem? I was trying to find a pattern in the length of each stanza (just because I do) - but couldn't assume you, as poet, has the plan. Or not?

Jenifer Jaspa James

the construct I do is for line breaks
Ive read to people and had them slow
my reading down
Like speaking aloud for a script for affect
and effect

I love movies....I love watching the work directors
do in formulation to draw out the balance and weight
of words in a scene..a poetry of different symetery
which is good Jennifer that you see that in here

But in the end as with punctuation I discard
it Not that I view this as a ancient and old device
but I read much work that had neither

I grew up with much punctuation and pattern
its beautiful
its balanced
but there is something of beauty
to an irregular beat

a form not fallen in the lines of comformity
I have many friends
had many loves like this

Thank You!

author comment

beautiful x

listening to sarah blasko
if I want impact I listen to tom waits
and intensity to nick cave

for all and beauty I love sarah

poetry for me is all
every dawn work
every evening thought
every nightfall

I read here in others works also

Thank You!

author comment

My best line was
the soul is a photo
scratched behind
broken glass
. Just lovely and your photo too

would have been nice to be handsome
Remember all those with good genes
women lavished with gifts favours and cash
time Love

I ended up working for scraps mostly my
life...Not to whine...I would get a slap for
trying to pull the left overs from the dustbin
and watch the dull bored ones get the prime rib

cant change a damn thing
and Love is fickle
old loves hung on a wall trophies
or Entrophie as I like do call it
get tossed in a box
and broken in the moves the shuffles

character face I have
These actors get more roles
More intimate roles then the main players
even in famous and infamous productions
cult works

Im a vain bastard too but I do love my eyes
because my mom just blurred away who my
father was really..other then the scot viking
connection... and history had to be so important
It would bave been easier to just not care
but irony of ironies it still matters

there is nothing wrong with beauty
but there is to think one belongs there
when one is not beautiful

I am practical
I accept who I am now

broken and rain tinged

Thank You!

author comment

High cheek bones are universally appreciated in women but look at all those images on the internet of women actresses/ celebrities unmade up and then fully done up
Such a difference.
Important to age with someone who appreciates aging.

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