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E m m i s h u n

august ash
sucks in rain
the volume depths
from a sullen sky

a darkened page
singed with love
a petal drawn
from a stem

soul lamp moon
bathes her angled
ray through the
midnight edge

musics trance
whispered from
the machine

ermine image
etch of a dream
restless echos
a labyrnths scene

Editing stage: 


a mind such as of esker
to know the in depths
of what emerges
and surfaces


If only all could see what your thoughts see.
There would be millions of rainbows,
dancing till time is no more,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

When someone as unrefined, unpolished, unlearned and hungry to create as I reads a piece of this magnitude, awe does not cover it. I feel as if my cerebral cortex is shellacked to my stupid button. Though new here, I've read not only several of your poems, but your comments on the ideas page. Sir, your grey matter is greater than my anti-grey matter. I've said enough to prove what a fool I am, I should've simply said, "Whew", and disappeared. Congrats

Oh, the hubble thing. Viewing the most recent hubble pictures created that same sensation in me...out of this universe.

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