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e l o c u t i o n a r y * a d m i n

blossom stays
bloom awareness
gooseflesh measures

Im a million mile stare
an echo
thrown out
at night

passions heat
ravaged with rain

how we sodden

like sunlight
cutting arcs
cross thin
pale landscapes

Editing stage: 


cautioned conditions
under the cherry tree
full of bloom and fragrance

paint smeared shed
for no ones cat

rooms aplenty
no room to spare

moon binocular


"im a millon mile stare" thankyou

cobalt blue italian designer shirt
bone carved pirate cross
Blue notes jeans
sunglasses atop the wild hair
and tanned face..the intense eyes..

Maybe I never quit
finding packs and intelligencia to
work for

like a gambler needs his fix
like a wolf needs a moon
like a ghost needs a room

Mazzy Star in my ears
library business busy
holding on to my day
shook up and rattled
but focused...serious
haunted...and prowling

remember the pajamas
and the huge windows
looking through

we have lived and loved and felt
and lost

my Ann Sexton book atop my loaned
dresser beside my cologne
and ring and watch at night

waking up knowing I have to live my life
my phone charged up
to message

a strange and terrible and new direction
fearful but electric and exciting

cherry blossoms
and Bryan Ferry
David Bowie


the years grow on and on........

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