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Duple coots morbidity

Palm oil daughters artisan tramped
plunge eels deeper cousins
the years fantasia in Chibok
contumacy needing child coot as you
hooks worm insalubrious
intangible leukocyte stiff stump oasis
nestle of grimace apt neither clove
tropical hearts beak peaks
tambourine elf's widget wand
to gravitational and scuffle
magi intern........................... love that is
inimical to young pubescent
divulge for mounted shrill incandescence ;
candle light she used reading
wax and glow for bed time prep
dormitory of insulators and no violators feeling
no despot sheriff, with Jaguars mandate
stealing the youngest Conception to poplars
this the havoc of take-off storms brisk
and fell the flowers violet , red and pink

What killed your priestess?
that morning to the king of kings
in vest of broken Armour with guilt
the fission of beetles
bespoke coomb his overrule
multiple personality disorder . Civilian to soldier
decibels, its vortex is not for mere emissary
remember its first gift to you....... after your tadpole throne
................ mother bathe you, it was
water to pure a nymph princely.

The water arms soothed more his invocation
reflects but paradox called him priesthood
compartment of all bay watch
now you float with it
already concealed and plangent, noose to the throat aghast!
thwart somewhat alone, it has become the wild
in the concrete jungle pond
path but still in mild civets
that every birth................. is every death
of Nigerian democracy for higher purchase
its invoice of receipts recipient in kind.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
How does this theme appeal to you?
Last few words: 
this poem is about the 200 hundred girls captured in Chibok and taken to the sambisa forest in Northern Nigeria, where they are now used as sex dogs to their captors. and in Nigeria it seems they are used for a political game, cause the government is null to their where-about,in Nigeria palm oil is red , i use this symbol to represent their taken virginity's, also the flowers violet red and pink represent the same. i'm so bereaved for the girls . and the terrorists that call themselves "Boko Haram" are Islamic influenced, i see them drowning in the disparage of their deeds
Editing stage: 


Your poem is an important piece for our time, that being
said I believe you've tried too hard to be poetic, better to be
real instead of using far gone metaphors that only you understand
until we read your afterwards. I hope this critique doesn't seem
harsh, not meant to be for sure, subject matter is one most of the
world is not only aware of but agree with you about.


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