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Due to...

the unfortunate circumstance of the passing of Jess [weirdelf] recently,
I have not come up with a new theme for the chat this Saturday.
I think that a continuation of last week's theme will have to do. I know that there were
some of you out there, that either forgot or had other things going on, so if you
have something that you didn't present last Chat on the Darkside, you can do so this week.
The theme is still Legends, Myths and Monsters. Your own twist on a fairy tale
legend or myth. Come on, let's show our twisted minds! New time of 7pm EST or for you Brits 12pm and Aussies it is 12am.

Editing stage: 


The time difference is just awkward for me to attend but I may make an exception some weeks lol.
As to not being organised as usual what with the passing of our Jess, it has hit me hard this time just like losing a brother.
I have copied all the comments to Jess on the memorial page, and sent them edited to our Dear Jayne in Australia.
Jayne is attending a memorial to Jess put on by his family next week, so Jayne is doing something for Jess with the Comments on the memorial page and other info she has.
Thanks young man for all your work on this new adventure I will when we are back to normal sort out something for the UK.
Take care and know our support is here always, Yours Ian ..

Words can build a nation

I know it is hard for you, with the time difference and I understand that it has hit all of our family here at Neo. with Jess' passing. You did miss a good time last night! We had a room full, like we used to with; me, Mark, Paul, Chrys, Carrie, Gracy and guess who showed up? Katie! We stayed up late and trashed Paul's office like we used to and in general had a great time! Thanks for your good wishes and I do hope that you will be able to come in for at least a little while some Chat on the Darkside night or on Katie's new chat which is to be on the other Saturday nights. The start of which is yet to be determined. We are still trying to get something going for you chaps over the pond at a reasonable time for you guys. Thanks again, for your kind and loving presence here at Neo. P.S. Say hello to Digit for Killer. ~ Gee.

Come to Chat on the Darkside
every other Saturday night 8pm to ?
Bring your dark and delicious work
to show.

author comment

I will hold off on Digit for a while,
but he is around some place.
I think he loved the beach party, and his stay in Singapore,
so we will wait till I get some more mail from him. lol

Words can build a nation

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