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Late evening in this little town
tucked into a southern valley
just after the sun's gone down
before mosquitoes start their salley.

Street lights igniting one by one.
Some dog yapping at a who knows what.
Children laughing having fun
all their worries are forgot.

The sidewalk resounds with each foot fall
as I slowly make my way about
worried we might lose it all.
Has our nation's light gone out?

I'm aware change is the only constant thing,
I'm aware contracts now count ,not hand shakes,
I'm aware the pain which change can bring,
I'm aware of too much for god's sake.

There sit John and Suzie on a swing
they surely don't have eyes for me,
hearts so full they almost sing
What might their long futures be?

I stop and sigh with resignation.
What can a single simple man do
to preserve this imperfect nation
now that honesty is through?

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


Thanks for the visit. No, John and Suzie are imaginary young lovers sitting on any front porch swing lol.

author comment

I believe in America and what it stands for. Honesty is not dead, it has just been pushed aside for wealth. We can revive it; one man's vote is the weapon, if we join together and vote for honor and integrity, we can keep this great country alive and well. I really enjoy your reflections and descriptions of small town life. It says that the things that you cherish are not dead, they live in your heart. And that, my friend is hope! Great write! ~ Geez.

It seems that the days and hours that people
are available for chatroom are staggered and
not a good match for most everyone. How about
if everyone just shows up at the door, whenever
they have a few free minutes?

With all the evidence of a stolen election and gov't refusal to either investigate or even look at the evidence perhaps my vote doesn't matter. After all the vote count can be stopped at any time and opposition votes can then suddenly appear to over ride it. And the same can be done to your vote. Plus it is now the norm to impeach a prez in ONE day for merely making a speech in which he calls for peaceful protests.
The small town life will never return as long as the gov't and big tech are able to silence anybody they disagree with.
But all that aside I appreciate your dropping by and stay safe

author comment

Beautiful poem, and your worries are not for nothing. But I see a better, prosperous America in the horizon. Soon this chaos will go with the wind and give way to the America we all deserve, where justice is for all, where equality before the law is for all, where humanity and not racism reigns supreme, and more than anything else, where we are conscious of how irreplaceable life is

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

I hope you are right but I've been around and politically aware for a Long time and I see dark times ahead. I thank you for dropping by

author comment

It would be nice if people could forget their petty American party politics and stop spreading silly Trumpian lies about so-called "stolen" votes and elections. The orange man is gone within 40 hours. Forget him and his evil and move on; the alternative is appalling...months and months of petty bickering.

Write poetry, not political diatribes based on fake news and make-believe alternative facts.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

I guess we will never know if they were lies or not since the cowardly judges refused to even see the evidence. as to the months of petty bickering.....Trump was subjected to years of it including a false impeachment then a Thing called an impeachment in which there were No witnesses, No evidence, No representation for the accused and practically No debate. But that's Ok the dems have no opened themselves and their senile prez to continual filings of impeachment and when the repubs regain the house there will be continual impeachments of one day duration against any dem prez as well as any dem house member that draws their ire (pelosi)
Well now that I've got that off my mind, thank you for your visit and I also hope there will again come a time when we elect statesmen instead of politicians to congress

author comment

I have no wish to enter into an argument about a disgraced American soon-to-be ex-President. Nor do I think a poetry site is an appropriate place to discuss internal US political squabbles and threats nor a platform in which to hurl political insults - surely most Americans would find it offensive to call their new president "senile", especially seeing a majority voted for him. He is 78 - I don't know how old you are but I assume not far off that, so the old adage about glass houses comes to mind.
Kind regards
PS I am in my 70s too so I find words like "senile" applied indiscriminately to people in that age bracket somewhat insulting.
I suggest we drop the subject in order to maintain civility

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

began the political conversation by hurling insults at trump. Don't try that stuff with me then expect no counter

author comment

Our chat is ended.

Have a nice day.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

May you have the kind of day you deserve

author comment

I a perfect world political disagreement would all be aired and each side respects the other. Alas this world ain't perfect and now the libs are doing their best to not allow any who believe differently from them being heard

author comment
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