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Draw your pen drive

Draw your pen drive

There was a time
Dear poets
when you all read me
my silly machine gun poetry
at times you also said
you’d liked it...

Much water has fallen
through the heights of Niagara
more shall

But it's been a long day
in the battle of my life
since most of you last read me
has my poetry been anchored lately

all do tell me
be free
to pierce
as you may feel
I will live or die
in peace

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


a bit of insecurity here. Many times, you have been told that you have written something that has captured our attention and is really quite good, yet if you do not receive adulation with everything you write, you seem to think that you are thought to be silly and an unworthy poet. Not everyone writes something that all enjoy and there is the fact that there are many poets to read here and not enough time to critique and comment on all. I only comment and critique on a couple each day and with many new poets coming to the site, one cannot spend a lot of time on them and YOU, who are so insecure that you constantly promote yourself. Give us a break, you don't have to write something every day and get your fix. Spend more time on writing something that is really worthy. So what if you don't have something in the stream every day? Make it worth reading. ~ gee

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you make my day
it's not that I am insecure
but when one does not know
one is being read feels obscure

old neo had a place to know
who had read who
not necessary to receive critiques and applause on all

I am a seasoned author friend
thanks for the stick
I frankly love it
Next time just be harder

author comment

unlike dogs
who gape at a bitch being about to be taken
we all are entities
a new
1///7.5 billion

your perception is well taken
I may polish up or incinerate the poem
depends on a poet's mood
as we all are
each singular one
a different poet of neo

author comment
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