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Dragonflies'... poem by JerryK, read by Lynda Lu


Hi, Jerry!
Another beauty! So sweet and tender for the dragonflies, until the end. But this is nature! (I picture the king of all bass.) Nice poetry, and lovely vocals.
Thank you!

yes, it might have been a bass or perhaps a carp; who knows what monsters might lurk beneath the water's surface. The main thing is that you appreciate my poem and Lynda's reading voice. We both thank you for taking the time to read and listen.
Jerry and Lynda

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This is absolutely a delightful read and the spoken word adds a third dimension to it. I found myself then riding the waves of your other You tube works and certainly we are both winners, I enjoyed my time and you got more well deserved "likes"
Thank you !


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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we are so glad you enjoyed reading and listening to Dragonflies. I agree, YouTube does add another dimension to an otherwise dry read. Thank you for viewing and listening to the other poem as well. You are very kind. Glad you enjoyed both. Thanks, Jerry and Lynda

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Good afternoon, Jerry. Such a pleasure to listen to Lynda reading your delightful poem. Wonderful rhyming and meter.
I love dragonflies and I don't think carp or bass are They're all necessary in the chain of life, the good, the bad, the indifferent.
This is the second poem I've listenned to recited by Lynda. Do bring on more to brighten our days. Thank you, Lynda, I'm sure you read the comments. Perhaps you write poetry?
Cheers and keep safe, be happy!

The Poetry of the Earth is never Dead. John Keats.

thank you so much for reading and liking my poem and Lynda's reading thereof. No, she doesn't write poetry, only reads my nonsense, lol. Seriously, she functions as my personal in-house-critic and proof-reader when required. She will be tickled pink-or in all seven gorgeous rainbow colors-when she reads your so sweet compliment. I do agree with you; bass and carp aren't evil. If anybody is to blame it is Nature or the Creator who endowed all of us with teeth and stomachs (now, there is a theme for a scathing poem, lol). Thanks again, kind lady. Jerry

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