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There will come that time, I know,
and it grows nearer every day
when it will be my time to go
to where memories and mysteries play.

I wonder if once in the ground
any will still think of me
perhaps wishing I was still around
limping through woods on ruined knee.

Or maybe they will just remember
a line I scribbled out one day
in the depth of a December
while I watched the bare limbs sway.

I have my doubts about that thought
for who am I to think that I
have with pen and paper wrought
even one line to make folks sigh.

But I'll keep trying anyway
even though these doubts assail
to jot down lines which might one day
manage through time to prevail.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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It's rather frightening thinking of that final inevitable day. But I think you would be definitely remembered,if not for anything but your poetry. I enjoyed my read, though got me somewhat scary .

Yeah it can be a bit scary to consider one's mortality. But I think I will not be too disappointed when my time comes but I would like to hang around long enough to see my grandson grow up. Appreciate your dropping by.........stan

author comment

you have four more decades ahead
after all on Neopoet have, you read
then only start thing of others death

You have 4 decades to run the show
may be n=Neos
will present you an auto
if by then both ur knees go

sorry I won't be able to see ye
cell me
I will leave my code
when i reach my new abode
in eternity beyond this universe
beyond Saturn
may be you will still have to bear
pull me
need me still

To have another 4 decades would put me at 103. and nobody in my family has ever lived that long lol. As always, I appreciate your dropping by.......stan

author comment

Your doubts are well laid out.
And will without a doubt.
Occur, at some point in your life.
But only when your time is rife.
Remembrance then, of course.
Is a memory, others must endorse.
Thank you for your thoughts

Thank you for the time to read and comment......stan

author comment

What a nice poem.
I can see the December woods, a gloomy desperation and hope.

Yes keep writing, I promise if I don't die first
I will be rereading your poems and sighing.


My schedule doesn't have room in it for me to die any time soon lol. Thanks for dropping by.......stan

author comment

Then you can read mine?


Hopefully it won't take That long

author comment

On the contrary I have a tendency writing longer and longer poems:(


We have a poet on site who is presently writing a true epic. Thousands of lines long. One of my longest is "TOO QUIET" . And it Might be over 100. Sometimes it takes a long poem to get message across

author comment
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