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"Don't play it again, Sam.""


I live between the moments
falling into cracks of Time
pulling myself back
into metaphor and rhyme

My poetry is the reflection
of my soul.
It speaks its mystery
not of one but of all

But I emerge invisible
and it seems my words
have lost their meaning
There is nothing more to say .
It's time to let go.

Editing stage: 


"It is time to be", not to let go,
the departure time of your train is not up to us,
we are just the passengers.
The train will leave on time as it always does.
Loved this one,
Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

we are vessels of life
water and light
what trickles from our unknown
to us place is the places
where all movement

the green beneath the
standpipe and sprinkler
the flowers in the alley valleys
in the city where the steps
are felt but not quelled

I understand the writing very
much so in your poetry
and it means a lot

Thank You!

A short piece that says much and promises to reveal more if read between the lines. I enjoyed this and will probably savor it again with another read.

The problem with being a poet is that just as you think you have said it all and can escape.......another word or phrase pops into mind demanding immersion into another poem. We become poets then we are forced to remain poets.........stan

I guess. It is my way of talking to friends,

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