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Don't ever stop!

The traffic signals turned from red to red and yellow as I pulled up in my ‘64’ Jaguar XKE, the outline of a modern KIA ‘milk truck’ barely visible beside me. It was nighttime, no time, nowhere time but a good time for the ‘Reaper’ to reach his boney hand up from beneath and grab onto my front right tire turning it, pushing me forward past the lights hanging on wires above the intersection. Darkness loomed when I awoke speeding down the thickly settled area mowing down everyone in the way (especially children). Watching the flinging bodies fling over the front grill from the driver side of my coupe, I was not driving but flying down from this cliff of insanity into the quiet winter village of a postcard all pretty sparkling and blue. There I sat singing in a bar everyone unrecognizable, and not moving my mouth one bit, but my mind continued to ramble as if a ventriloquist. There I was and there I stayed until pulled under by the boogieman looking for one more laugh. Plop plop fizz fizz you’re in this purgatory, this nowhere land it is. How were this cute young girl and me going to weather this storm of no escape? Endless forests with endless people trying to escape, get out, just get somewhere, anywhere I touched her was OK. This is purgatory? This is the work of the boogieman? We lay in the sand at the shore and got to know each other. She felt so good. Toss me here and there all day and night let’s go for a ride because I’m not afraid of you anymore evermore. You are always the question is this a dream? It’s the question my closest of closest friends that can always be asked, the reality that can always be checked. Sausage, eggs and toast with OJ will always be waiting after and after that and so on until the end.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
It has been said that my stories have too much poetic awareness in them. Meh!
Editing stage: 


that a story can have too much poetic-awareness. Nice story, not a poem. Sounds like Twilight Zone to me. [I'm a big fan]. ~ Geezer.

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