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Donkeys look like massive cuddly toys
but life's no game for them.
Almost everywhere they bear unfair loads
piled high on their sturdy frames.

In England they're loved by kids:
their smell is pungent, and riding one
is the pure stuff of childhood.

When well looked-after they warm the heart
and seem such enviable pets
that people dream of having gardens
big enough to keep them.

Their young, with slightly floppy ears,
are so damned photogenic
they ought to be in Vogue,
or at least in nature documentaries,
flaunting their tough, soft,
big-headed beauty,
vying with baby antelopes and gnus.

Editing stage: 


Great subject matter, donkeys have been part of
the support team for humans for 3,000plus years.
I would take out what isn't necessary (less is more)
and go from there. For instance; "whether on grass
or beaches" ... how does that help the poem? Is it

thanks for posting


I wondered about that line. These days you probably can't even ride a donkey along a beach, as I used to do as a child, so that idea is probably incomprehensible for most readers. I'll try cutting it out. Many thanks.
Best wishes.

author comment

donkeys when newly born
and human kids
when they can stand on their own

both are equally lovely

I like ur love for donkeys
in Human life
we see so many
isn't it!

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