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Donation of love

donation of love

so it is that the call filtered in
for a journey of love to make
that which many dread
is taken and given on a platter
so now I make to give

I am of privileged few
who gave a kidney
as ransome so you breathe again
who picked the thorns
so you relish the scented roses

I cut my life by half
that your's be full
I passed the ball
so you score the goal
now ascend to victory
and live again

kiss your puppy
climb the mountains
embrace your laughter
speak to your doubts
show him your vibes
that you live again
aloha to life!
flip side of the shiny coin!

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I cannot find a superlative - how extraordinary! I'm sure there is a personal story here. How remarkable!
Thank you!

Yes, it is a personal story. I'm a donor for my younger sister. We are going in for the surgery this coming weekend.

Much thanks for the appreciation.

author comment

for speedy recoveries for you both!

Yes Teddy, I'm doing it for my younger sister and the transplant is scheduled in few days. Penned this for her.

Well, would love to have you suggest a better word for vote and I'd work with it.

Thanks for your appreciation.

author comment

Yes, it's simple and fits the purpose too.

I've amended the title. Thanks for contributing to this beautiful piece.

author comment
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