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Do not be afraid my love,

Do not be afraid my love,
the shifting of the wind
is not a sign of impatience.
------Distorted voices you hear
------are harmless as a breeze.

Let not fear be the tempest
that scatters your heart
to forlorn, desolate shores.
------I'll let nothing attack you,
------I shall always be near.

Give no attention to directions
that the freezing winds blow,
or how they might drive one on
------in the soft chambers of my heart,
------I shall always keep you warm.

Editing stage: 


me thinking that it could be about many different subjects. My first thought was that it is about a lover that is trying to reassure the other, that they have not changed their feelings and that there is just a temporary bump in the road. The other is; that the seasons are about to change and there is no cause for alarm, the land will always take care of you. You can always come home. Nice going so far. ~ Geezer.

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Hi Geezer

your first thought is the one I had in mind.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

author comment
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