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Dining With Confidence

Oh, don’t look me in the eyes
You might witness
Pain with no disguise

Don’t fight the urge to walk away
Believe me even the sun
Wishes it could call in sick today

Oh, how easy it’s to say fuck it
When your greatest dreams
Lay by your bedside in a bucket

When your prayers become reruns
As your fears get married
And give birth to daughters and sons

When the only sign that you exist
Is the sound of a deafening weakness
That has no care of being missed

Do I have your attention, yet ?
Come wear this misery
are you swimming in sweat

Second guessing who you are
Even if you proven to the world
Your more than a tear and a scar

When failure becomes your only memory
Somehow you still hold that diploma
Can you explain that to me

Fuck a piece a paper
Somebody give a journal
A waste basket and a stapler

Even with anxiety beating me to a coma
I still can smell and taste
Passion’s intoxicating aroma

Today I’m a scream till I wake silence
Cause I went to war with your odds
And today I’m dinning with confidence

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But agree with mark

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