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I sink to depths without measure
and my thoughts sicken my soul.
My heart speaks the unspeakable
and my mind sees what is before me.
I don't understand the deep sadness of loss
that lingers a lifetime and the pain
of one's own dying,
I don't understand Death's silence
and the sudden and cruel disconnect
with those we love.
And I will never understand the suffering
that Life brings,

Candles and canticles
incense and holy water
incantations and litanies
prayers with empty echoes,
Nothing brings peace to a soul in pain.
and still we endure.

I sink to depths without measure

Editing stage: 


becoming more and more
solid and pure

you will have to bear
loss of many of us here
do endure
ere you feel about yourself
so unsure

poetry you will compose
all the more
may Nobel come your way
may be
if Jess does so say

have a good nights rest today!
you may

Yes I see that I am becoming more direct but perhaps less ""poetic.""

author comment

This write is from your fears of the unknown, questions that only will be answered in that beyond or after you leave.
There is an answer to these questions but as they are out of us mere mortals reach then let us try to be in the now and not on that road we cannot see.
Joe, I wish that I could bring you peace of mind in your inner battle but we cannot be there, so I will just say that I am here and can listen.
These poems you are writing now have a greater depth and more meaning,
Yours as always Ian

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

Life has been difficult and my abilities are waning. There is no bright future.


author comment

This poem honestly reveals the painful truth of your situation both spiritually and physically. It is heart rending to read, because it's real. Sparrow is totally right when he says your poems have great depth - they come from your inner core.

Keep writing Joe!

Love Mand xxx

to endorse you and ian
the new sparrow man

You read me well, Mand ! Thank you.


author comment

Direct....I am glad Geremia
if I was a pilot I would
board the craft wave
and motor off never to
be seen again

best be a train driver

Navigation is a discipline
and your descripts describe
what you feel
what you see
an all accurate

and thats pretty poetic
the heart of the matter
the very core

its very honest

Thank You!

poetry is truth of emotions. my ""poetry"" is the jourbal of the process I am going thru.

thanks, Sreven

author comment

Others like Ian, Mand and Esker have already said pretty much what i would have commented too.

After reading your poem, it created a picture of a candle in my mind, one sees the light it emits but not what it goes through while doing that...your poem expresses that...

Warm regards, wishing you well always Joe, take good care...

raj (sublime_ocean)

Thank you, Raj. I appreciate your comments, my friend.


author comment
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