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At the Dentist

Another visit with my lovely dentist.
There, reading about sharks, I learned:
twenty-three pairs of chromosomes
make up a human cell;
females have 2 copies of the X ,
we poor, shortchanged males have one X, one Y—

Take by contrast the Great White Shark
with forty-one chromosomes
in his reproductive cells, and some
eighty-two more everywhere else—wow!
and then his teeth! How can I compete?

“Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear
And he shows them, pearly white . . . .”
(lovely song)

Yeah! the Great White can have
fifty-thousand razor sharp choppers
to carry him through a lifetime,
while I have thirty-two
that come in late and fall out too soon . . .
or need to be capped, IF I can believe my dentist.

I imagine myself having been born a shark,
now confined to this chair! Uh-uh, yum-yum;
she wouldn’t be so keen
on cleaning my saw-shaped teeth
or probing for cavities—

But maybe—just maybe, she’ll visit my home waters,
the Gulf of Mexico or Bermuda. She’s
quite a dainty morsel and loves scuba diving—
“Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear . . . .”
(I simply love that old song)

Style / type: 
Free verse
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


a great song. You must know that "Shark Week" is coming soon on Discovery channel.
Old Mackie's back in town. I love sharks, but not up close! Thanks for the fascinating facts. ~ Geez.

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I dunno how many times I have seen Jaws l, 2, and 3. They never cease to thrill me. Bad, bad shark. Come and pick on someone your own disposition! Grrrrr!
Thanks, Geezer. Jerry

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Hi, Jerry,
Wow! Fifty-thousand razor sharp choppers! I asked "why?' and went Googling. They have no jawbone so new teeth may fall out sometimes within a week. It seems every day I learn something new from one of your marvelous poems! I have a dental appt in July (depending on Covid circumstances) and will share my knowledge with my buddy. A note: I know you and Geezer share a love for the dark side of poetry. The song "Mack the Knife" is right up your alley!
Thank you!

and there I thought that nobody here reads my claptrap, which shows how wrong I can be. However, when I was a submariner standing watch, so many years ago, I had occasion to admire a larger tiger shark's dental work closeup. He seemed to be beckoning me to come down and play. That's a poem for another day. Yeah--Geezer and I, lol. I happen to have a few appointments coming up as well. Thank you, dear lady. Jerry

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